130 Unlocking Main Story quest

"Boss, this is the letter I have mentioned," said a muscular teenager as he handed it to Wil. 

Taking it into his hands, Wil patted his shoulder with a smile, "Good job on finding a clue to main story quest."

"Main story quest?" Rock Fist was clearly surprised upon hearing about it.

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Wil answered with a nod and then asked, "you have a done a huge contribution, this time. Consider this as a reward…"

"Eh? An epic grade accessory? Boss, this is too much. I just picked it up from the ground," said Rock Fist, although he kept staring at the necklace.

Aisha's Necklace

Grade: Epic

Level: 130

Looking at his longing expression for the accessory, Wil lip's curled up in amusement, "it doesn't matter. It's something I picked up from an enemy, either way…"

*Ding. You receive a call from outside.

Looking at the familiar number, a huge smile appeared on Wil, "looks like he surrendered…"

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