131 To the Marsh Islands

Wil: Ms. Kiyumi, we need to talk.


His mobile phone vibrated before even ten seconds passed and saw the mobile number of Kiyumi on his phone as a call arrived.


"Hello, Mr. Ravens. Just now, I was thinking to call you, and luckily, you sent the message at a perfect time. So, what do you want to talk about? perhaps, you decided to accept our dinner invitation?" asked Kiyumi from another side with hope.

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"No, that's..." Before he finished, she continued with, "or perhaps you want to talk to Akiko once before we meet, right? She's here with me. Just a second, I'll..." 

"No, I didn't call you for that," Wil quickly interrupted her before she goes from date to the marriage, and then, asked in a serious tone, "A while ago, Mr. Walter was here. Tell me; what did you threaten him with… Did you forget my conditions?"

"So, that means your engagement with Miss Rodin has been annulled? That's great. I need to tell mom and Akiko, too…"

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