155 Rebellion-part 2

"Mrs. Couvreur, I'm afraid I have to leave now."

Upon looking at his serious expression, Sierra's mother nodded, "I understand. Let's meet again for lunch, some other time."

"Sure," replied Wil with a smile before rushing towards the exit while dialing a number.

An automated voice replied that it was busy. Wil tried it again and again until it rang and was picked up by Aster.

"Hello, Young master! I apologize for ignoring your call. Storm is on the other line. He'll get angry with me if I disconnect his call. Can you tell me when your meeting with Mrs. Couvreur will be done? He's already at Hailey City, waiting for us."

Without minding his mistake, Wil patiently answered, "It was finished. I'm returning to the hotel. Before that, you need to…"

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