149 Mom's family picture

"Where is Dr. Shunpei?" asked Richard to a researcher who was chatting with others, discussing where he's going to leave for the upcoming vacation.

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"Shunpei-sensei? He just left with Mr. President. Probably escorting him to the car. How about…"

Before his words ended, Richard rushed outside, leaving behind the surprised fellow researchers.

"What has he gotten into?" "Who knows…" "Forget that nerd. You were telling something?" Ah, right. I was thinking of going to Ankrale beach. My daughter wanting to go for a while…"

As he exited the lab, Richard started mumbling, "I need to convince Dr. Shunpei to run tests on Neo to confirm my suspicion. If she's really turned out to be NB0A1's clone, then, the result might turn out devastating.

Oh, there he is…"

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