132 Dragon princess

*Ding. You discovered Marsh Islands. You receive 500 fame as a reward.

"Finally…." As Wil ordered the Pegasus to slow down, he recovered his vision and saw a cluster of more than a hundred tiny islands from up above the sky.

Marsh Islands

Description: Once a large island in the ocean, which was broken into several islands because of an earthquake caused by a battle between two ancient beings on the island, 2000 years ago. 

"Oh, boy… Lucifer even came here. Looks like this is going to be an important quest for sure. After all, anything that is concerned with him will be full of danger and opportunities… Hmm… Wait a second. Where is the temple?"

As Wil looked over them again, he found there was no such temple, like Mirella described it to him.

"Maybe, it sunk or something?" mumbled Wil as he stared down at the vast Ocean below him and ordered the mount to descend towards the water.

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