133 Changing Race

*Ding. The imperial Dragon sword returned to its owner. The letter was discarded from the inventory.

*Ding. Mirella's favorability decreases by 5.

*Ding. Dragon princess died. The main story quest of Llyne Kingdom will take into a different turn.

*F**k. I messed it up. That damn 20% chance of critical hit appeared at such a worst time. Sorry Mirella, looks like you have to mourn for your mother, today.

Damn… why is that becoming too strong also causes a problem… What a waste of trip… my favorability… my wish… I just decided to ask the port after I return…"

His eyes turned in a rage as he bellowed in anger, "I'll wipe those rebels out of existence once I return to the city…"

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Just then, suddenly, the bow in his hand started to shake vigorously before it fell onto the ground.

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