8 The Father of Sin

Hoshi residence. Kyoto, Japan.

5:34 PM

In a one floor house. The Hoshi family was watching a drama series, and they were all intrigued to say the least. "No!!!! Nagano-chan. You can't marry Matusmoto!!!! He's a jeeerk!!!" A middle aged woman yelled, suffering from the drama that was unfolding. "Now. Now dear….. Don't worry. Everything will turn out alright." A male voice spoke. These were Saku's parents, watching their favorite TV series 'Blooming Petals', a cliché drama about a rich woman meeting a poor man. Saku had great news, but she wouldn't miss this series for anything.

When the show concluded, she got up, and turned off the TV. "Mom. Dad. I got biiiiiig news" She said excited. Both parents stood up. The woman spoke first. "YOU FINALLY HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!!!" She screams with joy, only for her father to give a demonic aura. "No mom" She says with embarrassment. "I… I'VE BEEN ACCEPTED AT THE GLOBAL MILITIA ACADEMY!!!" She screamed her lungs out and showed her an envelope. "WHAAAAAAAAAT????????" They both yelled in unison. And disbelief. "And I don't have to take the test either." She tells them. "EEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHH???????" They scream again. "Please. Just read it and stop yelling. My ears are hurting." She fakes cry and rub her ears.

Outside the walls, undisclosed location.

Thirteen beings were at a table, at a large room. The room was golden, from the ceiling, to the walls, to the floor. The ceiling was pointed upwards from its four corners, all separated by massive walls. This was the largest of the pyramids that invaded Karack. The pyramid was called the Éndoxo Thróno, which means Glorious throne in Greek. This is the main headquarters of the Deceiver himself. Here were the generals of the Deciever. Some of them were known as beings of light, or angels, if one may wish to call them that. But these angels are fallen angels, and not all of them, were in the meeting. Only about five of them. These, are the Deceiver and his clan, a massive clan at that. The meeting included the powerful Gilgamesh, who was bought from the dead using technology. Gilgamesh was very tall and muscular. His hair was bronze, short and spiky. His eyes are light red with small pupils. He had a very powerful, shredded built, with a tanned skin tone. He stands at 8"7 tall, in his human form. In truth. Gilgamesh is a giant being, standing at 187 feet tall.

Zeus, the greek god. He had short white hair, and a white mustache. His eyes were deep blue, with a black eye ball. He was 6"2 and has a lean frame, with white lightning markings all over his body. He was wearing his dark blue toga. He also had golden forearm bands, and golden sandals.

Odin and Thor, were the two strongest Nordic gods. Thor was tall, about 6"7, and imposing, with an incredibly muscular body structure. He had long red hair, and a small goatee of the same color. His facial features were sharp, and his gaze was fierce, and intimidating. Thor carries his hammer, Mjölnir. The hammer had a short handle, and a oversized hammer, it's weight is nearly immeasurable. Odin was much taller, at 7"6, he had a similar built as Thor, although slimmer. His hair is black, and reaches his waist. It was silky, yet surprisingly fluffy. His goatee was long to his chest, but was cut neatly. He has very youthful looks, making Thor look old. His left eye that is grey, and there's a patch in where his right eye is supposed to be. He's even more intimidating than Thor, and Thor has a nasty temper.

Another being that was there was Amaterasu, the sun goddess of the Shinto mythology. She was a gorgeous woman. She had silky fiery orange hair, that reached her back. Her eyes were big and hazel in color. She was the perfect combination of an athletic physique on a busty woman. She is ageless so she never loses her beauty. She wore a revealing dress. Her back was exposed, with the chest fitting perfectly and still. The lower par of her dress is split in her left leg, exposing it. She was truly astonishing. Although she was declared death by the Shinto gods, the 'being' that got killed was actually a perfectly made clone of her. She, and others who were leaders in different parts of the army of Chaos.

The Deceiver is a tall man, and has twelve wings. He has medium length black hair, that was styled to the right side. His eyes were a deep green that glowed like a gemstone. His built was similar to a supermodel, and he could pass off as a model if he hides his wings. "Well? I heard that their big boy, the 'youngest General in W.M.A history' War Machine is back inside the walls…. So what I want to ask you is…" He turns to them. "How easy was that?" He boasted. Everyone in the room chuckled.

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They were not that surprised, after all, this was the plan. Using the now deceased Lim Byeol, and W.M.A Commander Hatsudenjo Mitsuki to make such a being a being as their codenamed 'Destroyer'. "Yes... And not giving the name now is great for the readers to keep guessing" Spoke Gilgamesh in a casual manner. "You really have to go and break the fourth wall don't you." Spoke the Deceiver with an annoyed expression. He then looked at his monitor which was giving a signal that a call was coming. "Meeting is over. I have urgent matters to attend to. Also, be ready with your battalions. Karack is gone, but we cannot attack without thinking. We still have more plans to execute with precision." And with that, all those who were in the meeting left.

The monitor flashed again to reveal a man, whiter than snow. His hair was silky, and jet black. It also reached his neck, with a bang beside the right eye. It was shaved at the sides, in an low fade hair cut, but it is easily covered by his long hair at the top. He possesses very handsome, and youthful facial features, with big green eyes that could stare into ones soul. He has a goatee that reached his upper neck, and was very well kept. His physique was imposing, to say the least. Even in that suit, his bodybuilder like frame bulges out of it, marking every single part of his muscles. That, and the fact that he was as big as a rhino. His presence can literally be felt in a 2 miles radius. This…..is Eriks Kirill Bespodobnyy. The Patriarch of the Bespodobnyy family, and recognized as the most powerful of all the corrupted, and overall. His power is such that he himself nearly ended the war, but he was told (and shown) by the Glorious One what would come should he do that, even if he was fighting for the side of the W.M.A. Since then, he has been in constant fear and admiration to the Glorious One, and follows his laws to the best of his abilities, although he knows that his corrupt nature makes him break the laws, and he knows he will not be saved by him, because he was not brought forth by him, but by the Deceiver.

The Deceiver looked at him, with a serious expression, which was also full of hate and resentment. "How is everything. Mr. Bespodobnyy? Or should I call you Cyrus?" The man did not spoke, but began to write on the tablet he was using, which was specifically designed for him. He took notes, and wrote numbers, ignoring the fact that the Deceiver was there. He was treating him like the undesirable costumer who has a lot of money. "Aren't you going to answer to your creator? Are you such a ungrateful piece of shit that you can't even do that??" He spoke with hatred. He hated that he betrayed him and his army. He hated that he feared and admired the Glorious One, instead of him. He hated that he does not show any sign of respect, or love to him. But what he hates most. Is that he dares to defend those inferior beings, the human race. How dare he protect them!! He was supposed to be his protector, he was made to rival the Glorious One, but he chose to praise him instead?? Ungrateful bastard!!! That was flooding his mind at the moment, and it enrages him to no end.

Bespodobnyy finished his work. And a sound came through the monitor. Indicating that transaction has been started. "That is 456 million dollars for the equipment and weaponry that you requested. It will arrive in a matter of days" That was the last straw. "How dare you…." He spoke in a low tone. Bespodobnyy only looked at him with an indifferent expression, and spoke. "You have 30 days to pay, like always. I hope we can do business again." The Deceiver lost his composure. "You can go on and be an ass all day huh kiddo? An usurper who takes all the power and shapes society to your will. Using what I MADE!! WHAT I CREATED, AND FUCKING MY EXISTENCE IN THE PROCESS. WHO MADE YOUR PARENTS WHO THEY WERE?? WHO MADE YOU AS YOU ARE?? TELL ME WHO. Because it certainly was not him!!! IT. WAS. ME!! YOU UNGRATEFUL BEAST!!!!" He screamed his lungs out. He's been holding that outburst for years, for centuries even. Bespodobnyy looked at him seriously, then chuckled lightly, and then laughed a bit. "The funny part about your tirade is the fact that you are proud of making me the 'beast' that I am. Thanks to you I'm in constant fear of death. Because I know our fate. It is because of you that this is happening…. From the very beginning. You have been the cause of all the problems of creation. I would be more than happy to kill you with my own hands. And to be the one who doesn't let you rest day or night. You have thirty days to pay…. Good evening." And with that, the monitor was turned off.

He stood there, pondering. He then started pacing. Thinking of ways to crush that ungrateful creation of his.. Just then, after five minutes of pacing and pondering, he bursts in a fit of laughter. "Hahahahahahaha. HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. YOU SHIT!!!!!!" He turns it into a chuckle. He then walks and sits on his golden made throne at the back of the room, with an evil smile on his features. He then rests his left elbow on the furniture, letting his head rest in his fist. He then murmurs. "Don't you know Cyrus? There are beings that pass your might. And when I capture them...I will make you pay for your treason. You ungrateful brat"