2 Marks of Destruction

Beyond the Antarctica wall

Coordinates 195.8628° S, 248.0000° E

Behind the frozen wall, which circles the entire world that we know of, there was a red hot battlefield. On the coast of the continental landscape of Karack, a land as green as the jungles fro Brazil, with large mountain ranges and beautiful forests, with abundance of life. The battle has been going on for two weeks now on it's shore. In the battlefield, there were meta-humans with different types of abilities clashing. One in favor of the W.M.A., a worldwide mega army of humans and meta-humans, that has banded together to seek to stop the plans laid out by the Deceiver and his armies of meta-humans, hybrids,  monsters, and transcendental hybrid, who are also known as the gods from different mythologies. The casualties are over 10,567 in the last three days, and the number continues to rise.

Some have been maimed to death. Others were blown to bits. The blood stained the shore, and the water that dragged it as well. All types of abilities where clashing. Elemental, strength, flight, telekinesis, and others were weapons for both sides. The army of the deceiver had also creatures, monsters and mythological gods. Conventional, and special weapons were also made for both sides. This caused a chaotic situation, in which death and dismemberment occurred. There were piles of bodies. Some where cut, others blasted, others being parts of bodies that were devoured. This was the scene of war. A scene that no creature should be exposed to.

"Damn!! Two weeks has passed already. When will they give up!!!" Yelled a soldier, he wore the standard W.M.A uniform with the U.S.A flag on his right shoulder. His helmet fell a few days earlier, revealing his dark brown hair, and green eyes. An lighting attack came from his right, but was repelled by a crystal that appeared right in front it. The one who threw the lightning was a transcendental hybrid called Raiju, the companion of the shinto god of lightning. The creature looked like a giant, five-tailed wolf. It's fur was white and silky, and had lightning stripes on the sides from his ears, to it's tails at the end. The soldier  was pushed to his right as he heard a female voice. "Shut up and defend yourself. We need to work together to survive this and go back to the base" Spoke the woman who made the crystals that repelled the lightning. She had short red hair brown eyes, a modified version of the W.M.A uniform, with the United Kingdom flag in her right shoulder.

The uniform is a armored, skintight and made of Graphene, a material that was discovered in the 21st century and was experimented on. In the end, it was discovered that one layer was 200 times stronger than a diamond, and used to make a uniform, with terrific armor capabilities. The suit is loose in the joints for more comfort and freedom of movement. The armored plates are  cover most of her body are made with stainless steel alloys. They were segmented in order not to inhibit movement and to be more comfortable. This suit was given to the elite warriors, although the graphene is used for all combat troops. From the inner side, to the outer side of the massive wall. Her ability is crystals, it allows her to make crystals of various shapes, sizes, and types like the piezoelectric crystal. If she uses the ability too much, she will pass out.

The American was surprised by what he saw. It was Britain's most powerful, and condecorated warrior, first Lieutenant, Sophia Acker. "Oh. First Lieutenant Acker??? Y-y-yes ma'am. I shall put my act together." Said the young soldier. Another attack came from the giant wolf. The beast used an attack involving it's claws and lightning. A, quick, devastating, lightning slash, designed to cut and electrocute its victims. Effectively killing them. Yet. The American soldier used his ability, which allows him to control the earth, to make a massive and thick wall, making the creature miss it's target. Yet the wall was also destroyed by this attack. Acker and the soldier managed to dodge the falling rubble. Acker looked at the young man. "Tell me your name." She orders. "Maxiell Carter. Second brigade in Karack ma'am." Maxiell responded while briefly saluting his superior. A massive thunder strike kills 325 more soldiers. The ones who were the closest were blown to bits. The ones who were the farthest got electrocuted to death, including the 25 who were about 56 meters away due to one of the soldiers having a water ability. It poured them because it splashed, so the men and women got caught in the electricity conducted.

The being who manifested the destructive thunder, was none other than Raijin, the renowned god of thunder of Shinto mythology. He was slightly pale. With short, spiky blue hair and big, round eyes. He had a slim frame and an ageless look. He was livid since the beginning of the war. And has killed countless with absolute glee.. He was wearing a royal sokutai, like an emperor. The sukotai was black, with golden lighting and a kanji on it's back that meant 'Lord of Thunder' and had edo era military boots. "Hehehehehehehe. You traitors think you can defeat us? We gave you the abilities you use today. If it weren't for us…. You would be just as weak, and frail as them!!!. YOU SHAMELESSLY BIT THE HAND THAT MADE YOU WHO YOU ARE. NOW DIIIIEEE!!" He screams as he sends another lighting attack, killing 153 more soldiers. Sophia Acker tried to make another crystal, but was attacked from behind. By Maxiell. She was pierced through the left side by a sharp rock, that was on the pile to the right "Ack!! Huh??" She verified her left side, the rock was still inside. It was long enough for her to be able to touch the sharp tips from the front, where she could see, and the back.

"w-w-what are you doing, soldier?" Her question was answered with a kick to her face, breaking a few teeth in the process. "What do you think? Do you really think I am a part of the pathetic W.M.A? Don't make me laugh. I always was a part of the chaotic order. We, thanks to our Lord, who you shamelessly call a deceiver, have more power than ever before. We have influence on the other side of this wall. We will destroy all of you. From inside, and from here." After he spoke. Other transcendental hybrids, and colossal creatures appeared. Acker was in awe. The power that those beings possess was immeasurable. One of them was Anubis, the god of the dead and the underworld in the Egyptian mythology. The dog like head and human body was prominently recognizable. She also saw that Poseidon, the god of the seas was present in his massive and majestic seahorse. His armor was dark purple with deep blue stripes in across his body, showing his great built. From the abdominal pack, to the pectoral muscles, and his entire body. His hair was dark blue and reached his shoulders, and his goatee was the same color.

There were also at least 17 colossal monsters, all of them, being at least 3 kilometers tall. Some being even larger than 6 kilometers long by the tails. There were also 3 giants from the Norse mythology, and 3 titans from the Greek mythology, approaching. Yet, as the flaming giant of Norse mythology, Surtur, took a step. His head exploded after being penetrated by a projectile, which continued its trajectory for an extra second until it collided with the firmament. Blood sprouted from his neck upwards, as his body falls limp, to his right side. The fall caused a giant tidal wave go to the west. And the other titans and monsters got alarmed. A few of the boats of the order of chaos got destroyed, and the crew died.

A beeping signal flashed on Acker`s, Maxiell's and all the other soldiers in the battlefield who were of the W.M.A. And a feminine, artificial voice spoke:

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"(AI): Warning. Warning. To all soldiers and specialists in the southern coast of the continent of Karack. Please evacuate immediately. This is not a drill. Evacuate immediately. War machine is approaching the battlefield. Search alternative routes so that you may survive. This is not a drill. Evacuate the battlefield immediately."

That message got everyone on edge. Including the transcendental opponents, who have a copy if the communication device thanks to Maxiell. Maxiell however was completely terrified. "WHAT???? HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE CONTINENT OF HACKOSREGŪ!!!!" Without warning, a Greek titan, Coeus was shot as well. This time, the creatures, Norse giants, Greek titans, and mythological deities spotted where it came from. A Ka-52 fighter chopper was descending into view. The driver of the chopper had the standard W.M.A chopper uniform. She felt a paper fall in her lap. She picked it up and read it. It had only one word on it. 'Leave'. She didn't have to be told twice. As soon as she felt chopper getting lighter, she turned the machine around and left. As soon as Oceanous tried to attack the chopper, a bullet went through his chest. It made a massive hole in the chest area, sending the titan flying 20 meters from his original spot. His heart was completely missing,  and half of his lungs were dangling.  The liver was letting out monumental amounts of blood. The sea was rising, but with blood instead of water.

What all the people were being witness to, was the arrival of a true monster. The male stood on the beach, and what he was putting away, in his thigh, was his 'custom made' Pfeifer Zeliska. 600 Nitro Express revolver. This monster of a handgun is the only handgun he can make, and one of three guns he can make overall.  He opened the iron piercings he had on his thigh, blood started gushing out of the wound, which was self-inflicted. He then put the weapon back inside his body. This was the codenamed War Machine. The one who has single-handedly taken out 65% of the order of chaos and the armies under it. And 90% of that 65% has been in the last year alone.

From watching him from afar, anyone could tell that he was an extremely large, imposing man. He stood at 206 cm, and had wide, powerful built. His uniform was similar to that of the first Lieutenant Sophia Acker's uniform. Skintight and made from graphene. However, he entire uniform and armor was pitch black. His graphene suit was covered in plates made of chobham armor, an armor used for the challenger 2 tank from Great Britain. His top reached onto the middle of the abdomen, above three iron piercings in his abs. His upper limbs had this armor as well. His shoulders had the armor plates in segments, allowing him to move freely. His arms were completely covered with graphene elastic and the chobham armor, as well as his hands, which were massive. His legs and feet were covered, and perfectly segmented. Thus, allowing him total movement. Although, he has the three piercings in each thigh, allowing him to create his handgun by pulling it out of his thighs. He wore a helmet made of that same chobham armor. The helmet had a pitch-black tinted level 8 bulletproof glass, covering his face completely. What was easy to note however, was his hip long ginger hair that was in a tall ponytail. The ponytail came out of the center if the chobham helmet.

The titans got ready to attack, but were all immediately blasted to pieces and the sea parted for miles, the same amount as the range of his most powerful weapon. His version of the famous 'iris tom' punt gun. It was 14 feet 1 inch long. But, unlike the original,  this was pump-action and could hold up to 10 cartridge. He is able to create this monster of a gun from his stomach, manifesting it by opening his gut with the piercings, and pulling it out. The gun manifests as he pulls it out. The pieces of the titans fell as if it was rain, and blood poured the battlefield and all in it. The 17 monsters roared and attacked, only for history to repeat itself and they get blasted as well. He easily killed them all with six shots. "This is impossible!!" Shouted Poseidon. "Anubis, Raijin. Let's destroy this nuisance once and for all!!!" The god of the seas spoke. "Indeed. He has been giving us a massive amount of trouble. We can kill him here. Poseidon." Spoke Anubis. "FINALLY. I wanted to get my hands on that bastard who killed Amateratsu." Yelled Raijin, the shinto god of thunder.

  Poseidon started a massive whirlpool. Anubis reanimated the corpses of the fallen soldiers from both sides. The now reanimated zombies ran to the whirlpool to combine with it. Raijin, the god of thunder, and Raiju, his lighting wielding companion added both thunder and lightning to boost the attack. The power of this combined attack was extreme.

Sophia found a whole big enough for her to fit into, and his herself in there. Unknown to her, Maxiell followed as well, and used his ability to make it larger. "Listen here missy. We'll have a truce until this guy's out of here. Ok? I heard that he has the reputation of killing everything that moves in a battlefield. " She reluctantly agreed, as she is hurt, and also because she knows about the rumors herself.

In the battle between gods and an unstoppable force, the gods threw that massive combination whirlpool at him. War Machine took the hit head on. "HAHAHAHAH. SEE WHAT YOU GET??? YOU FOOLISH PIEC OF-" Raijin could not finish his sentence because the shotgun was fired. It obliterated the attack, and decimated the four deities. The bullet went through, and destroyed Poseidon, tearing him apart. But the carried power that came with it, took the other three with him. No matter how big or strong one is. Even if it's a deity. No one can survive being shot within range of an ability that carries 4,401,972 gigatons (4,401,972,000,000,000 tons) of power behind it. Everyone that was in the battlefield saw this. They stood quiet. Men and women. From opposing sides. Were in shock. War Machine put his shotgun on his shoulder, barrel pointing upwards. And turned to the remaining soldiers. All from both sides.

He then proceeded to lower his shotgun.

And pump it.

That was the cue everyone needed to escape. They all ran. Trampling anyone who fell to the grown, or shore. War Machine first lowered his weapon, watching them. After about three seconds, he simply took aim.

And fired.

The bullet went in and annihilated everyone that was at center, ripping trough them like a hot sword through melted butter. And the force of the shot created a shockwave that killed everyone. No one survived. There was nothing more than a destroyed beach with mountains upon mountains of flesh and rivers of blood. Some heads were recognizable, others weren't. Limbs were as far as the eye can see. Men and women, no matter from what side of the war they were. Ally or enemy. They were all mercilessly killed.

Sophia and Maxiell got out of the hole. They were being as quiet as possible in order not to get the attention of the one who decimated all of the combatants. War Machine noticed them almost immediately. He quickly grabbed Maxiell by the head and lifted him up to his height, as Maxiell struggled. "Wait. Wait!!! We. We are allies. We are-" His head was ripped from his shoulders with ease. The spine still attached. Sophia ran as fast as she could. Only to be captured by him. She saw his insignia. It was a star, that had smaller stars in each tip. Each tip had a tiny, but clear logo, from the army, air brigade, naval union, costal division, and marine defense. She was in front of the General amongst Generals. "Sir. I am Sophia Acker. First Lieutenant of the Karack brigade.  It's an honor to meet the legendary War Machine" He simply looked at her from within his helmet. Sophia took something out of her uniform's pocket. It was a picture of two little boys.

He put her down. And took the picture to see the children up close. Sophia spoke again. "Sir?.... Thank you. You saved my life. Now I can se my sons again" She spoke kindly. What she did no know, however, was that:

One. War Machine doesn't care at all.

And two: War Machine despises anything and everything that has to do with family.

He grabbed her by the shoulders, and gave her a light shove. He then proceeded to put his massive hand over her mouth and nose. Preventing her from breathing. She struggled to stop him. But all he did was show her a picture of her children. In less than 20 seconds her body gave out, and seizures began. He put the picture in front of her eyes. With  about 20 more seconds of seizures, she passes away. War Machine  stood up. Ripped the picture. And with a step, with a little pressure, he crushed her skull. That picture and she mentioning it enraged him to now end, especially considering what he went through because of his own family.

He sent an message to the commanders. And kept walking to the base. The message read:

'Mission completed. Going to the base as requested. And it better not be a waste of time'

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