7 Loss of pride

Tokyo General hospital. Tokyo, Japan

Zhe woke up. He felt surprisingly full and sleepy at the same time, which is weird. Ricci came into the room to see her patient. He looked at her with an unreadable expression. "Hey there grande amico" She spoke the last part in her native Italian. Something that Zhe did not catch. "Oh….. You did not understand the last part.. Am I right?…. It means big fella…. Ok then. How are you feeling?" Zhe only looked to the wall that was in front of him. "I feel good physically." He spoke with his deep voice. Yet it was soft to hear. It was very surprising for Ricci. She took notes of his answer and asked another question. "Can you recall what happened out there Private?" She asked Zhe, only for him to take a deep, ragged breath. "I am the General of the army. The highest rank of the W.M.A." He spoke like he was holding back his desire to completely destroy her. His killer intent was on full display. Ricci took a long step backwards. "Ohh. I completely forgot. I mean your about what. 14? 15? I forgot that you are the youngest General in history."

Zhe nodded.

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He then stood up, and some of his gashes opened, causing blood to burst out. Ricci quickly got close. "Whoa there General. You can't just get up. You'll open you wounds. Those will scar anyway. But it will kill you if you do that." She spoke with reason. Zhe only looked at her with his unreadable eyes. "I am used to bleeding." Was his answer. Ricci sighs and then shrugs her shoulders. "Well. Your choice. Also. The higher ups want to speak to you. And yes. They include a representative of the Bespodobnyy family." At this news, Zhe turned around with an incredulous and worried expression.

He was sweating bullets because the Bespodobnyy family had unimaginable power in all facets in the world. Including military wise. Their Patriarch, Eriks Kirill Bespodobnyy, is practically unbeatable, unless that 'destroyer' can beat him, and even that is unlikely for him. But overall, that man is the patriarch amongst patriarchs. He is technically immortal, his strength, and overall abilities know no bounds, and he started, and single-handedly pushed the Bespodobnyy family to where it is today. They all obey what he says and he always has the last word, no objection allowed. Heck, that man is almost as old as the man who built the salvation ship when the skies opened to rain down like a cascade and destroyed the world in ancient times, and that man lived to be 950 years old. Yet, the patriarch has not aged one bit.

Zhe turns to the doctor and ask, in an very uncharacteristic tone. "Ma-may I ask, why do the hire ups wish to speak to me?" Ricci felt bad. He, the infamous War Machine, is afraid. This guy, who can blow up an entire continent with a single shot from his weakest weapon, was scared shitless. But of course she knows. The 'higher ups' are not 'some' people. They determine who, what, when, where, how, and why. And the Bespodobnyy family determines what goes on with the higher ups, and if they are to stay there. Thus, making very good, careful decisions can save you from a problem, and making a stupid decision is fatal. For a career that is.

Ricci looked at the boy sadly, she genuinely felt bad for him. Her expression showed it. She sat down, and answered with honesty. "I really do not know. But if I know something, it's that what happened with Karack was really bad, on everyone on the W.M.A, and the world as a whole. Also. The Bespodobnyy family is clearly unhappy with your performance. As a general, and as a person." She spoke. Zhe nodded, he did not showed it. But he knew that he never wants to meet with the Bespodobnyy family, especially with something like this happening. After a few seconds of silence, Ricci started to measure his blood pressure, and do other routine tests on Zhe. When suddenly. "Is General Shenyuan Shouhu Zhe here?" A soldier ask sternly. Ricci got clearly annoyed. If there's one thing she dislikes, is being interrupted in the middle of her work. Zhe looks at her for a second, and turned the noise out completely with his hearing devices. He is well aware of her bad temperament, and her loud voice. Ricci annoyingly answers. "There are Two. Fucking. People in this shitty room, and one of them has the clear 'General' insignia. Tell me. Is the General Shenyuan Shouhu Zhe in here? Or are you TOO. FUCKING. BLIND TO SEE HIM HERE!!!??" Zhe was glad he was deaf. And that he could control what to hear, because he definitely did not want to hear that loud screech. Just by seeing how her head grew big (which is not supposed to be possible) and her teeth getting sharp (again,. Not posible) at that moment, he knew that he made the right choice.

The soldier backed away scared. 'Damn. What a scary doctor'. He thought. He then cleared his voice. "The highest commands in the world are here to have a meeting with you General. They said to report to the office of the hospital CEO, Takanori Kagome." Zhe (who was watching him and read his lips) nodded and stood up, opening other wounds, and starting to bleed even more. Thus, making a mess. Dr. Ricci was very mad at the sight. "Oh. Stai scherzando, cazzo?" She speaks in Italian, which translates to {oh. Are you fucking kidding me?}. She looks at the confused officer and speaks directly to them in Japanese. "Listen. I will clean his gashes and patch him up." She then turns to Zhe and pokes him. Zhe turns to her and she signals him, however she could, to turn the noise on his audio. Zhe complied, and turned the noise on. "Good. Now. I will patch you up one last time. And then you'll go to the meeting. Understand?" Zhe nodded once in agreement. She then turned to the soldier. "Give me 5 to 10 minutes and then he'll follow you." The officer nodded and left the room.

10 minutes later

"Alright. You are good to go. Be careful now." Zhe gets up slowly, making sure not to open any gashes. "Thank you Dr. Ricci. I will now go to the meeting." Ricci nodded and he went his way. If there's something he's sure of, is that he is not getting out of this one unscathed.

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