????? POV

In a world where abilities have ushered a new era, one stood above the rest. He was a great talent, praised, and recognized from the beginning. All right. All right. Let's not go with the crappie cliché to start…OK? Yes. This world is full of abilities, or superpowers. But you can bet your sweet ass that this ain't about heroes and villains. No. We are at war!!!. Against who, exactly? Well. An explanation is needed for this.

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Around the middle of the 21st century, 'those bastards' as I like to call them, showed all of their cards, and latter their faces. This was right after they got the original humanity on the palm of their hands, or claws, or whatever the heck they used to scratch their junk. They lied to them for centuries, trying to coerce them to first deny their existence, and then to accept them. Pretty stupid. aren't they? Oh. And why did I used the word 'original'? Because now the DNA of humanity is so corrupted that only about 10% of the population is purely human. All of the rest are not human anymore. Returning to the explanation. When humanity fell completely into their spell (yeah. They also use magic, but they did it mainly by two factors. Education and entertainment, two mayor factors that are essential in a society), they accepted all of their ways. Things like body modifications (which. Gave birth to the corrupted. Just saying) and even grotesque crimes like human trafficking and brutal violence became legal.

Then the pure and the corrupted waged an all out war in an attempt to wipe each other out. The pure wanting their world back, while the corrupted thought that they were the 'evolution' and that a pure human was 'obsolete'. Even though the corrupted had all those abilities, they didn't count on humanity's biggest strength. That being that we are the most clever, intelligent, and, when necessary, vile and evil creature that was ever created (thanks to the deceiver and his meddling). When humanity proved to be better during the war, and began beating the corrupted, the bastards brought the big guns. They came for the other side of the wall. Which is another part of our world, and brought themselves (hybrids) and the transcendental yahoos. This was all orchestrated the deceiver and his clan.

The deceiver is the main reason all this is happening by the way. He deceived the first two humans into violating the laws of the Glorious one, who created everything and everyone, including the deceiver himself. Yup. That's a problem. Going back AGAIN!! The corrupted (well. Half of them) allied themselves with what was left of humanity and took the fight to the other corrupted, and the hybrids. The deceiver never came from the other side, but a lot of those hybrids were extremely powerful. The allied force drove away the remaining half of the corrupted and managed to kill off a lot of hybrids and even a few of the transcendental ones, and have been on a stalemate ever since. Now. Humanity and the Meta-society are united, fighting a seemingly endless war against the deceiver and his army. But rest assured. We will end this damn thing once and for all!!!!

And there are no better instruments for war than the WAR MACHINES!!!!

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