6 Crazed news

G.M.A Academy. Kyoto, Japan.

It has been two days since the report came in. The school was making preparations for the new school year, when the news of Karack's destruction got to the school, and the world as a whole. Grand Commander Meier was honored by the school, which he was one of the most prominent and influences on it. He will be buried besides the tomb of his granddaughter, They also found Shenyuan Shouhu Zhe, and was taken to Tokyo General Hospital, in the intensive care unit. It was difficult to do at first, but they managed to take care of the large boy. This was more problematic for the new recruits, who had not he exposed to much since enrolling.

Two days ago

When he was found, the soldiers could not believe that he was the destructive force known as the War Machine. What they saw though, was a young, yet physically imposing, teenage boy, who seemingly lost all hope and was begging to be held and told that everything will be ok. One of the rescuers was a middle aged woman named Johanna Ricci. She's an Italian born medic that has doctor's degree from Harvard, the best medical school in the world, located in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

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She is of average height, and looks pretty much average in terms of looks, she is quite chubby in terms of body type, and doesn't mind it one bit. She has watermelon green hair and eyebrow. Her hair is neck length, and she always uses a ponytail at work. She has pale skin, and beautiful hazel eyes. Her most distinctive feature is that she has a very small mole below her left eye. She has an ability to cure other people's illnesses or injuries. All she has to do is massage the affected area and it will heal. The side effects are that it will drain her stamina and she will need to eat twice her own weight. But that is not much of an issue for her. The issue is for her patients. They get a ravenous hunger that only is quelled by eating ten times their own weight. She is well regarded in the medical field, and in the World Military Association.

She took the boy, and looked at his vitals first. "He's alive. Let's take him to the hospital in Tokyo, Japan. It's the closest country to this part of the wall." She orders. The crew puts the large boy in a big stretcher, and they put him in the helicopter. The aircraft took off, en route to Japan.

14 hours later

The helicopter arrived at the top of the hospital. And the boy and doctors took the boy to the intensive care unit. Doctor Ricci began to do her job hurryingly. "Get me an IV, piperacillin, tazobactam, pan- toprazole, total parenteral nutrition and amiodarone. Stat!!!" The doctors and nurses rushed the boy to a room, and prepared him for treatment. "I want to know his height, weight, and everything there's to know medically. Now!!" The nurses got his vitals, and information with a few machines and applications that were made for information gathering. "Doctor. His height is about 206 centimeters and 220 kilograms.." Ricci was shocked. She knew it was a big person, but this was ridiculous. She then cleared her throat, and spoke. "Get me 2,200 kilograms of food. It is the only way to stop a catastrophe." The hospital called ten different restaurants. They knew what was coming.

Present. G.M.A academy

Amestra was stressed. She had no idea of what to do at this point. Meier is dead, and there's a being that toyed with War Machine? That is impossible!! Unbelievable!! She was interrupted of her thoughts by a knock on the door. "Please come in." The door was open, to reveal Commander Hatsudenjo, with two students. They walked in. Yet every time that Hatsudenjo took a step, the entire school and area rumbled under his weight. Amestra was used to it though. In fact, the whole school was used to it. They were going to start school in this coming semester. "Hello Amestra. I mean Headmistress Arca. These are the two students I talked you about on the phone after the zombie attack in Tokyo." Amestra got up and stood straight, like a sergeant. "Attention!!! Hatsudenjo has told me that you two are so impressive that you should not take the entrance exam for this Academy. WELL I DON'T GIVE A SINGLE FUCK ABOUT WHAT HE SAYS HERE!!!" She yelled with authority.

Saku flinched a bit, intimidated by the ex-commander and Headmistress of the great school. Touma, though didn't change his expression. But, he took the opportunity to speak. "MA'AM!!" He raises his voice, getting her attention. "May I speak on why does he believes in our capabilities to the point of a direct recommendation?" She puts he right hand on her hip. "Make it short and sweet. If you can convince me with that, you may be accepted without taking the test." Touma nodded. "I am a pure. No abilities, nor enhancements. I have demonstrated immense confidence and overall ability in combat and single handedly took 200 zombies with abilities. Also, I killed the source of it. Ending the entire situation for good." He then turned to Saku. "Oh. Right. I have the ability to copy any technique, and abilities. I actually took 650 zombies. But none of them came close to the power of the zombies that Touma fought. He is a great leader. And thanks to him, I have new ways to combat threats." Now that took Arca by surprise. A pure in wanting to join the army? Now that is extremely rare. And that girl has an infinite potential to help in this war. But first . "Mitsuki. How good were they, in your opinion." Mitsuki spoke clearly. "They were excellent. Although Touma needs help with recognition." He answered. "What did Touma do?" She asked quizzically. "He confused me for a child and called me short" Mitsuki spoke with a popped vein on the side of his forehead.

"I'm surprised about that, you know? I mean you look worse than a rotten flesh zombie Mitsuki. Any ways Congratulations Touma, Saku. Welcome to the Global Militia Academy!!!" She yells with excitement

"I hate you." Mitsuki retorted

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