1 1258 when Baghdad sacked by Genchaiz Khan

It's all about 1258 when mangols became the super power of world and Baghdad was completely sacked by Genchaiz Khan and Hulagu Khan

The siege of Baghdad that took place in Baghdad in 1258." Hulagu Khan" western asian mongols ruler"(1215-1265)" Sieged of Baghdad lasting for 13 days from January 29 to February 10,1258 laid by "ilkhanate Mongol" forces and allied troops involved the investment, capture the sack of Baghdad which was the capital of the "Abbasid caliphate" at that time.

The Mongols were under the command of "Hulagu Khan" the brother of " khagan Mongke khan" ,who had intended to further extend his rule into "Mesopotamia",but not to directly overthrow the Caliphate," Mongke, however, had instructed "Hulagu"to atteck the"Baghdad", if tha Caliph" Al-Musta,sim"(37th last Abbasid caliph 1242-1258) refused Mongols demads for his continued submission to the khagan and the payment of tribute in the form of military support for Mongol forces in"Persia".


"ilkhanate". "Abbasid caliphate"

(Mongol Empire)


(kingdom of cilicia)

+Kingdom of Georgia"

"Principality of Antioch"

"Commanders and Leaders"

" Hulagu Khan". " Al-Musta'sim"

"Arghun Aqa". "Mujahedudin Aybak

"Baiju". Dwadar"

"Buqa Tamur". "Suleman Shah

"Sunital". "Qarasunkar"


"Guo Khan"

"koke ilgei"

"Unit Involved"

40,000 Mongols, Turkic

and Jurchan

"12000 Armenian

"40,000 Armenian

"1000 Han


"12000". "50,000


"Casualties and Losses"

"Not comform"

"50,000 Armed killed

"almost 8,000,00 civilian


"20,000,00 killed

by arab source"

Hulagu begins his compaign in"Persia" against the strong holds of "Nizari Ismailis"' who last their strong holds of "Alamut". He then marched on Baghdad, demanding that "Al-Musta'sim to the term imposed by" Mongke" on the Abbasid. Although the Abbasids had failed to prepare for the invasion, The caliph believe that Baghdad could not fall to invading forces and refused to surrender. Hulagu subsequently besieged the city, which surrendered after 12 days.

During the next week the Mongols sacked"Baghdad".