War, Elements, and Magic
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War, Elements, and Magic


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What is War, Elements, and Magic

Read War, Elements, and Magic novel written by the author Neatio on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering adventure, reincarnation, fantasy, magic, war. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Despite years and years of conflict, and deaths reaching beyond what the mind can even fathom, the world continues to wage war amongst themselves. Those in power seem to wish for peace but are not willing to give any concessions to do so. The nations of the world, such as Tufe; a nation with infinite spells to victory, Rikta; a nation able to bend the elements to their will, and Oslionia; whose ingenuity is their source of pride, each feel as if they still have everything to gain and nothing to lose. The seemingly impossible question then for this world is has become this; Can a world that seems to be built on war, find peace?

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Solid opening to the story, rich with great characters, world building and military action. Great setting with a war-torn land and the various powers vying for control. The end of the first chapter provided an excellent hook, and the momentum has continued right up to my point of reading. Really digging it so far!


The opening caught my eye honestly, i love how you write with such description especially about the background of the Mc, the years of conflict, disheartening, deaths,etcetera, A REALLLLY COOL CONCEPT, GREAT FORMATTING!!! keep going! its honestly a different kind of fantasy book altogether!


My mind was hooked in before I knew it. Good job! The best thing about this novel is its worldbuilding which immediately encapsulates the reader into the writer's world. Surely, a lot of potential and more ways to improve. Keep going!


great story you have got there author! about the novel- War military,has fantasy, well written plot line with characters sketched out finely, well tailored sequence of events plus has a a fine flow. Readers will like it in a single by read!


This is a story with a nice premise! With small edits and finishing, it will become superb! I gotta say I'm impressed! This story should be read by many readers. Having a potential for its quality! Overall, an outstanding one! This needs to be read!


I just read the first two chapters and I'm hooked. the first chapter was unexpected and moving. I also like the author's description of the world and I look forward to more chapters👍👍👍


HI author! I'd like to commend your writing style, I can vividly imagine the scenes and the thought of the story. I also sense that there is a touch of history in this story. Nice world-building. I did not find any grammatical errors which is great! I hope you continue writing!


The writing style is alright! (I'm sorry it's not my cup of tea). Maybe it's because I don't often see stories like this one I could say that your plot is unique. There are no major grammar mistakes and the characters are likable. Good luck with your book!


Just when I'm really getting into the series. I like this kind of theme and I'm really looking forward to more but for now, I'll add this to my list and wait for chapters to come.


Love it immensely . I like how each person has a whole different type of community and war system.. it's just so freaking good. I wish there was so much more!


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