WAR-Destiny of FutureWAR-Destiny of Future

WAR-Destiny of Future

by AI380

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Two Immortals had lost their memories due to several reasons and they had to stay in the human world that is Known as Null Dimension with the identity of high school students in order to find out the truth, which the hint slowly lead them to the boy which is the bloodline for the ancient vampire Master Dracula. The Immortals have to face enemies from different places in order to succeed in their mission, however, they soon found out the whole crisis they are facing are related to an overpowered organization that is known as Kingdom, which later they realized that they are actually directly related to that organization but they can't remember anything about it. And then the writer starts getting crazy and added lots of 'interesting' elements in it. Causing the lives of the Immortals even more difficult than before as she is lusting for blood... *cough *... Yes, I'm serious about this. As the writer getting darker and darker and hating life, the story goes darker and darker and more disturbing as the story proceeds. The laziness of the writer causes a lot of grammatical errors that she never plans to correct it, so this turns out to be a good material for students to learn grammatical errors. In short, this story is about two overpowered characters that lost their memories and had no choice but to live in the human world as high school students. Anyways, update every Tuesday and Friday. (could have extra or less depends on my mood and level of motivation) By the way, what I said about the grammatical errors is purely a joke, don't take it seriously if you are not even planning to read it. *roll eyes*

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