Wandering The Multiverse! Saving The God?Wandering The Multiverse! Saving The God?

Wandering The Multiverse! Saving The God?

by Iwannawritetoo

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“Ah, when did things get mixed up this much. Damn that Deaf God couldn't even send me to the right world. Why was I even reincarnated in a world that I have no understanding of?! I asked him to reincarnate me on a TV show which I actually knew about and was a fan of! Damn, now how will I live in this world? All I do is wander in Multiverse. Mostly Anime Worlds I heard, but I never watched. Now I have to visit all of those worlds, with my intelligent system, named The Crow. He guides me and helps me, but there is more to it. When I was getting stronger, all of the sudden I targeted by a group called Templars. As I later found out they also traveled from other world and come to the same world to learn strong techniques, so their God, can be more efficient in the next Annual Universal God Tournament. I was at beginning of my journey and oblivious to the worlds I visit. My intelligent system was keeping me in dark. Do I also get stronger for the God reincarnated me? Am I chosen?" This is mostly an anime fan-fiction novel. The MC is oblivious to the Anime Worlds he jumps into. The story jumps from one world to other. Some of the popular novel worlds also part of the story. The MC first went to the Naruto World but is presently in the One Piece world. But, he will be back! Next Anime World will be Hunter x Hunter !! Publish Schedule: I don't know yet. ----- ***For Support me On Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Iwannawritetoo ----- If you want to join me in Discord: https://discord.gg/Gn4Kyr2

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