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Wandering Spaceship in Deep Space

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Another sci-fi great that will probably not be chosen. F*ck!

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Don't read much sci-fi, only one I actively read is TLM. Can't say much about the novel other then that it probably wont be picked, lacking the young masters and jade beauty's needed to move past trial read. Maybe webnovel's corruption can actually prove useful in this scenario by actually releasing a novel that is not word vomit. Also: Not a fan of the new layout


This is one of those novels where you can only shake your head. Besides the open nationalism and suptle racism the major drawback of this novel is the authors desire to lengthen each scene as much as possible. At Chapter 20 we have not even started on the whole space travel thing and the only important development has been the MC taking a drug to permanently increase his IQ (of course the aothor does not know what that is, but it is a convenient tool to use, when you don't know how intelligence, pattern recognition and knowledge transfer actually work). Character development is also way worse than it should be after 20 chapter without any story development. We know the MC is smart and a virgin, that is all. We don't even know his motivation for going to space, anything about his mother or why he dislikes most of his family. He does not appear to have any friends, besides one who is constantly trying to get him layed. He does not have any hobbies, besides his new thirst for knowledge. What did he do before this? He was a student and went trough special training, that is all. Fuck, this is not Sci-fi, this is slice of life gone wrong. Do not read, do not support such practices which needlessly increase word count.


A pretty solid read. Just finished chapter 40 and well I have a pretty good impression about this book so far. It’s been a interesting ride and well yeah.... that’s it mostly, what else can I say? Oh, I must also give a warning though to the people that just want to have fun and turn off their brains for awhile, this is not the novel for you. Here they talk about math and formulas and yeah well it kinda gives the vibe of returning to school at certain points for me at least. In my opinion this kind of stuff means this will most likely not get picked which is sad but still I recommend to read it. Thank you for reading this terrible review.


I just finished reading the 40 chapters, and I have to say it's pretty good. If I have to nitpick It would be about the info dumb. Very recommended, and I hope it gets picked up.


petition to bring back the world of deities.........................................................................................................................


Great sci-fi novel with really good background world building. Everything flows smoothly and is very interesting. I feel that this novel has very good potential in the later chapters, very good, don't want to spoil though, read for yourself.


A good sci-fi novel who loves 'space' genre. I have read this novel 1 year ago in MTL. Magnificent, mind-blowing, adventurous. I regret reading it in MTL, I looked everywhere for it's translated version but wasn't able to find. I couldn't resist and like a drug addict, I devoured it whole. the story is good, concepts were an eye-opener. if u ever go to space , this novel can be a simple crude guide. please, complete it.


A breath of fresh air when compared to the other sci-fi novels on this site. The pacing of this story is very welL done in my opinion, as it not only draws readers into the world, but it provides world development that does not seem too fast paced.


Ive read all the RAWS and finished. A bit of scientific jargon at times but plot profession logical and explores many philosophical questions on humanity. great read


It has shortcomings but idea is unique, and i believe author has the competence to write a good story. Webnovel needs a good sci fi story and this is the one.


Its pretty original. Thats a rare thing on this site. Although i have read novels with similar settings in the past, they havent been quite like this. It feels a little similar to scholar's Advanced Technological system, but with less slice of life aspects


Amazing author keep up the good work and feeling ya but always update it cause we need update always .........................................................


A interesting read that remind me a little of 'Scholar’s Advanced Technological System'. However, there is no system and the MC instead gets a one-time INT boost. It was a massive boost, but the rest of it depends on his own hard work. The novel isn't without some drawback but I hope to read more.


I have read up to 7 chapters and now I am stopping, because I am losing interest to further read it. What i liked: - I find the going out to space interesting - I like the beginning where it starts with the MC's everyday life What i don't like: - Snail-like progress. Up to chapter 7, only one day has passed in story time(30 days have to pass so the MC goes finally into space) - Too much irrelevant information which, for me, is everything that has no direct relevance to the mc and current or near events of the plot. It is distracting and destroys the reading flow. Example: In chapter 5 the author wrote a whole paragraph about citizens always nit-picking at the government. Then the MC observes complaining people while queueing. That's it. What is the point of this paragraph? I see no relevance for the plot, MC or me, the reader. While some of that information is world building information, I consider that irrelevant because it has no direct relationship with the MC like he interacts with it or sees it while doing his tasks. And it is uninteresting for the reader knowing that all that information is useless once they go to space. Quite frankly, it feels like infodumping, just not in one go but in bits.


Pretty cool. Though I don't agree with all social ideas in the book, it is interesting and well argued. 🧐 I think this was written by someone with someone with nice Mathematics chops though the translator isn't really up to the task (not really fatal, since for most readers the math talk is just flavor text to jump over... and for those of us who know what's up, we should be able to "correct" the translation anyway). For now the novel give a "slice of life in academia" vibe, which is quite nice compared to most other novels on the site. 🎓 I fear this won't be chosen though, since it's SciFi (real deal, not just "somewhere in the future") and a bit of a slow burn🔥 (I'm enjoying it but from some review, this is a turn off for some readers). Well, let it be said that I believe this one has long term potential. Another review by a MTL reader is reinforcing this impression to me. Let it be chosen!!! (crossing my fingers) ❤🚀


Overall a pretty good first 40 chapters, really wish the trial was 60 instead... There is a lot of maths and science (real/pseudo and some errors that may have been translation mistakes) but there are some good interactions and an interesting premise. Unfortunately the trial ends too soon to know if there is any great mystery or insidious action or if it is just a slice of life in a spaceship with a bumbling math nerd. Overall, if you don't mind being hit in the face with heavy math laden conversations and a slow steady plot, this is worth a view.


Reveal spoiler


All i have to say is that even though the story has slow development, its has great potential. plus we need more scifi on webnovel. i really hope this one gets chosen!!!


I have previously rated one of the novels under review and while I rated it highly this novel falls more in my interest of sci-fi novels. the mathematics are above my head, but I really enjoyed the content of this webnovel. if there were to be a continuation I would be a diehard fan. please write more even if you aren't selected. this novel deserves to be viewed by the public. you have on your hands a treasure.