Wanderers of the Taijitu Book

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Wanderers of the Taijitu


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My son, this pearl of wisdom was passed down to me by my father, who learnt it from his father, all the way down to our ancestors who survived the beginning of The Eternal Stalemate. It may the single most important piece of advice I have to pass onto you. Do not stop walking. Do not forget who you are. Do not stray from the well-worn path that is set before you, the path walked by the millions of Wanderers before who came before and will come after. To stop is to die. To go toward the darkness you see in the horizon is to die. To go toward the light is to die. Only in the Twilight Ring are you safe. Only by traveling with The Caravan are you safe. Protect your sister. I am sorry that I could not teach you more.

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