253 The Beast's Breakthrough

The next day, Lin Mu was preparing more meat when the Brown Shrubby Forest Cat finally woke up.


Lin Mu looked at the sleepy expression of the Brown Shrubby Forest Cat and found it to be quite cute.

"Looks like you finally woke up, little guy," Lin Mu said as he stroked its head.


The beast purred in pleasure and enjoyed it. It was now that Lin Mu suddenly heard a thought in his mind.

"Food?" The thought said.

"Huh, oh… you're hungry. Let's go I've made some food." Lin Mu spoke before standing up from the bed.

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The Brown Shrubby Forest Cat jumped from the bed and followed behind Lin Mu. They had already formed a mental connection and could understand each other's intent, thus it was not that difficult to express such actions.

Upon reaching the kitchen, the Brown Shrubby Forest Cat saw the meat that was roasting over the stove and the aroma that was occupying the air.


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