1 "The Questions"

Oh my God!

What are you doing here?

Why are you here?


Are you here to mock me?

Are you here to arrest me?

If you must know, I did not sign the deal.

He didn't even ask her anything, he just wanted her to be safe.that was all and moreover what exactly did she mean by deal?

Oh god! ------Toby, what have you got yourself into?

Tell me !!! he spat as he shook her shoulders violently.

I have warned you several times about this town and pls, tell me his voice became demanding.but how could he pretend to be mad at her when actually she is his worst distraction but to get the truth out of her, he needed to be extra strict with her. she had toyed with him enough and it was time he got up and get her to spill it all out!

Tell me!

Tell me girl !!

What are you talking about he shouted for the second time that night and his voice echoed through room with authority and hardly concealed anger.


Sobs could be heard from one corner of the room as Toby shook herself free from his arms and ran across the room. Sha was so scared, she had never seen him like this before.he had always been the loving, caring, overprotective and easy to approach boss.

She trembled as she looked at him. in the dark all she could see was his eyes that shone brilliantly, she became even more terrified.

pls, she said.

pls kenny

will you stop shouting at me And I'll tell you everything they pleaded quietly.

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