1 What the ****

Could someone explain to me why the hell I'm looking up to a million dollar chandelier?

I sat up and swung my legs over the bed. Pink slippers sat neatly on the floor. Since when did I like the color pink? Also, when did I put on pink nail polish on my toes? I looked around the room in shock. How much did I drink yesterday for me to wake up in such a fancy place? I clapped my hands together and closed my eyes.

Calm down Mai. There is no possibility that you were caught in some sort of gangster circle or shit like that. There is still a possibility that I am dreaming. I pinched my arm only to cry out in pain.

Okay this was not a God damn dream. At least I'm sure of that. I put in the damn pink slippers and wandered in the room.

Yes you heard me right. I wandered. That's how flipping big the room is. The expansive bed was draped with pink covers. The room alone was the size of my whole studio. At the corner of the room was a large vanity lined with brand name makeup products. I looked at myself in the mirror and stopped.

I turned my head. Nope there was no one behind me. Then who was the beautiful gal staring back at me? I raised my right hand. The girl in the mirror did the same thing. I winked. The mirror did the same. The girl had short red hair and large red eyes to match. Her face round but not chubby. What a beaut!

Okay, was this some sort of fucking joke?

"Haha, that was funny Tom you can come out now!"

Of course no one answered-

"Miss Macy who are you talking to?"

I turned to see a woman dressed in a maid uniform. I squealed. She was so adorable! Her brown hair tied in twin braids along the sides and her short stature made her look like a little cat.

"Miss are you okay?"

I nodded as I walked to a door next to the bed. I opened it.

"Holy fuck."

"What did you say miss?"

Oh shit, I forgot that the maid was still there. I looked at the room in front of me. It was a large closet of all designer name clothes and items. And of course it was all pink.

Wait. Why did the maid just call me Macy? I looked down at my body and internally screamed.

Where did my motherfucking boobs that I was so proud of disappear?!! I have finally grown out of my flat chest days only to come back to them!

I knelt on the ground and raised my hands as I looked at the ceiling.

"God above please give me back my breasts! I promise that I will no longer partake in sin and drink. I will even consider quitting smoking if you do."

The maid rushed over to me in shock.

"Miss Macy what are you saying this morning! Have you gone mad?"

Bitch, please. I am literally having a mental breakdown over losing my beautiful D cup breasts and you're screaming like a banshee over bullshit.

Apart from that, what happens to me? Let's try remembering last night.

I was walking home from my accounting job stressed. Just as I was going to enter a taxi, everything suddenly started to shake. People started screaming as buildings collapsed. I looked up only to see a large block fall on me. The next thing I knew I woke up in this place.

Holy shit. Holy shit popsicles in December. Have I actually died and reincarnated like all of those webnovels? Oh for fuck's sake! I have finally gotten a boyfriend after being single for 22 years only to die the day after I was asked out? Ugh. I haven't even gotten my first kiss!

"Miss Macy, Miss Macy!"

I looked to the maid. She was still here? Can't she just leave me alone?

"Yes what is it?"

"What do you mean what is it? Today you are meeting your family!"

Okaay? What's the big deal?

"Miss Macy did you forget? Yesterday your grandfather had passed away!"

Good for him. This world is shit anyways. If I died I might have actually met a handsome angel in heaven or demon in hell. Instead I'm still alive as a flat chested teenager. God sure creates the funnest of plans sometimes.

"So what?"

"How could you say that Miss Macy! With his death the family business is now going to be passed down!"

My eyes lit up. Dollar signs replaced my pupils. I clasped the maids' hands and leaned in.

"How much?"

"Pardon me miss?"

"How much? How much mula are we talking about?"

"Billions of dollars Miss, why are you asking? You have never been interested in things like these?"

What a stupid bitch the owner of this body used to be. I mean I was quite the stupid bitch as a teenager. But billions of dollars??? I walked over to the closet and put on a long trench coat.

I looked at the maid and smiled.

"Let's go meet the fam."


Thank you for reading I know that reincarnation is done so much but I wanted to do something different I hope you enjoy❤️

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