"Are you sure we should do it tonight, Ah Chen?" A young black-haired girl asked that question while tightly gripping the front of her shirt.

She sat on the edge of the bed with her thighs close together as if she was prey protecting herself from a predator. Her dark eyes couldn't even look at the man standing right in front of her, causing the man to show a disappointed look on his handsome face.

Placing his left hand on the girl's shoulder, causing the girl to flinch in surprise, he then used his right hand to lift the girl's chin before bending his body and whispering right in front of the girl's face, "You've agreed to be my valentine, right?" His warm breath tickled the girl's face. "And we've been dating for a month, so it's only natural that we do it on Valentine's Day. Didn't you say that you love me, Ah Ying?"

Boys always used the word 'love' when they wanted to get something from girls, just like how the man called 'Ah Chen' tried to persuade the girl using the magic of the word 'love.'

A pair of dark obsidian trembled slightly as they stared into the man's pair of blue eyes. The pair of blue eyes didn't waver in the slightest as if to tell the girl that he was serious about her.

"Do you love me, Ah Chen?" Instead of answering the man's question, the girl chose to ask back.

The question made the man sigh. His right hand then moved from the girl's chin to the nape of the girl's neck, giving a sensual caress before his lips moved closer to hers. Without saying anything, he pressed his thin lips against hers, causing her to automatically close her eyes.

The man called 'Ah Chen' did not answer the question, and he directly took the girl to heaven with his deep kiss.

His hands did not stay still because they continued to stroke the girl's sensitive parts, making the girl groan sensually. Finally, the girl let the guy do what he wanted.

When the man gently pushed her onto the bed, she took it for granted. When the man seductively started to unbutton her shirt, she didn't stop him. In the end, she was willing to give herself as a Valentine gift to the man.

The man's skillful hands did a great job as they managed to strip the girl in no time. The girl was like a newborn with no cloth covering her body, and she squirmed uncomfortably under the man's hungry gaze.

After the man took off his clothes, he then pinned the girl to the bed. "You don't have to be afraid," he whispered sensually in her face. "This will be my first time too, so I'll be gentle."

And the man once again gave pleasure to the girl as he kissed her passionately. His right hand didn't want to be lazy while preparing his hard sword to enter the scabbard that belonged to his girlfriend.

However, before he managed to snatch his girlfriend's virginity and say goodbye to his virginity too, he suddenly felt an unbearable pain in his chest which forced him to stop his movements.

Before he could scream for help, his head had already fallen on his girlfriend's soft chest. His body stopped moving, his nose stopped breathing, and his heart stopped beating.

The girl called 'Ah Ying' could only scream when she realized that her boyfriend had died.

Meanwhile, the man called 'Ah Chen' had just closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, all he could see was the pillow under his chin.

He frowned in confusion as a theory formed in his head, "Was I just dreaming? I was just about to fuck my girlfriend, then I fell asleep, and suddenly I woke up in my bed? Was it all just a dream?"

But then he realized that something was wrong. He had never gone to bed naked, but now he could feel the soft fabric of the silk sheets graze his bare chest directly.

"Wait. I've never used a sheet made of silk before," he muttered as he noticed the oddity. And when he thought about it again, he noticed something else that was bizarre too. "And to be more precise, I've never used red silk as a bedsheet. It's too... seductive."

He was naked, he was lying on his stomach on a red sheet made of silk, and when he glanced at his left shoulder, he could see strands of long brown hair covering his bare shoulder.

The sight made him flinch. "Since when did my short hair get this long?" He roared even more panicked because his short hair had grown on its own overnight.

Unfortunately, just when he thought things weren't going to get any weirder, he suddenly felt two warm hands grab his hips before squeezing them seductively. His hips were one of his most sensitive parts, and he immediately yelped when he felt the sudden pressure.

He was shocked and thought that it was his younger sister who repeatedly barged into his room to disturb him, but he thought what his sister was doing this time was too much.

Turning his head, he started to scold his little sister, "Ah Yun! Your prank this time was too much! How can you squeeze my hips like... that?"

The last word that came out of his mouth sounded weaker when he saw that the person who had just squeezed his hips and floated on top of his naked body was not his sister.

That person was too big to be her 7-year-old sister, and another important point was, that person was not a girl. To be precise, that person was a naked man with his hands on his own hard sword as if preparing the sword to enter its scabbard.

With this position and situation, he realized that he was the one who had the scabbard that the long sword would enter. His head suddenly spun before he once again fell unconscious on the pillow.

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