50 What a pervert

Roman looked her face. Lucy was looking very sad, as she could be cried any moment.

Roman said gently, "No Lucy you do not made any mistaken, it just that from today miss Anna Wilson will cook for me and also she will take care of this house.

"You just need to help her to instruct her about everything. Because from now this is her job."

Lucy did not ask him anything and she just nodded to him in her sign language.

Then Roman stood up and said in his harshly voice to Anna "I have an urgent meeting so, I will come in two hours." And he then left into his room to get ready for the meeting.

Lucy raised her hand and gave direction Anna towards the kitchen. "ma'am please this way" she instruct her so politely.

Anna just nodded and make her way. After she reached in the kitchen. She looked around. Everything was just perfectly arranged and the kitchen was beautiful.

Lucy left after introduced Anna throughout the whole kitchen stuff.

Anna murmured "what's wrong with this guy? He's treating me as like I am his puppet. I hate him."

"but what I can do because I am so helpless right now I had signed that stupid contact" her face become red like tomato while she was looking pity girl.

*what a pervert* she said.


Roman was on the way to his office, when suddenly his car's stopped. He instantly looked up and asked to the driver.

"what's wrong? why you stopped the car?"his voice wasn't soft into the driver's ears.

The driver got stunned and looked back to the back seat and said with a shivered voice "I am sorry sir but there is a car suddenly came in front of me."

Then Roman looked out of the car's window and murmured.

"Lee jong hyun?" Roman murmured in his deep manly voice.

Lee jong hyun's car was exactly there in front of the Roman's car. And he was standing near by his car.

Roman got out of the car and started walked towards Lee jong hyun.

The way he was walking, he was looking the most good looking and elegant guy in the China city.

When Roman reached near to Lee jong hyun, he asked him in his deep manly voice "what's wrong? why you just stopped your car in front of mine?"

*he hehe*

Lee jong hyun laugh and said in his harshly voice with a unpleasant smile on his lips.

"why you always being in angry look?"

Roman came more closer to him.

From that view they both was looking two not elegant bachelors of Chinatown.

There was a cold aroma around them. Anyone could felt the fire of dislikes between them.

After Lee jong hyun said a unpleasant smile came on corners of Roman's sexy thin lips. And with his deep husky voice he said "so this is the only reason for which you stopped you car on the way to my car."

"You just wanted to ask me that why I always wear a angry look on my face?"

And then Roman's unpleasant smile turned into an angry and harshly voice. He said "clear my way" before he turned back.

As soon as he turned around. A husky manly voice came to his ears "stay away from Anna" Lee jong hyun said.

One of Roman's hand clenched into a strong fist as soon as he heard him.

"I know that Anna's rude and arrogant boss is you. But let me tell you one thing, if she cried because of you then that day must be your last day. So just pray that day won't come"

Roman couldn't turned his face but anyone can felt the strong and dark aura around him at that time.

His charming face expression was turned into an angry look and the eye's were darkened.

"I like her and I know she might also like me" Lee jong hyun said with a smile on his handsome face.


Before Lee jong hyun could completed his sentence, Roman turned around.


Lee jong hyun could clearly saw his face expressions.

The anger on Roman's elegant and charming face was giving him an extraordinary manly look.

Roman took only few steps and in the next second his muscular hands was on Lee jong hyun's suit collar.

Then both men's face was closed to each other and the aura become so cold to stay their.

In the action of Roman, Lee jong hyun also took a reaction and on the blink of eye, he picked Roman's collar.

"How could you said that?"

"Who are you to decide that who she likes or not?" Roman said in his deep harshly voice.


"Don't you like that she might likes me?" Lee jong hyun said with unpleasant smile on his lips.

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