1 It's raining

There was the raining season, it was dark all the way and street lights were deemed as not showing too much light to see things. Anna was walking on the road side, she is little nervous because it's already 10pm in night and she was soaked because of raining, all through she don't like rain too much and she forget to took her umbrella in the morning when she leave from her apartment. She worked in a 7Star restaurant which was located in the middle of T city. Which is 5 km far from her house. She usually took a taxi for her but due to this stupid raining, there were hardly she could found any taxi for herself. Anna took her phone from the bag. Which was hanging on her one of the shoulder and dialed a familiar number which shows a name called Dad. As she called, a familiar voice came from the other side of the phone.


"Dad I am in my way to home, don't panic I'll be there in 45 min OK" Anna said with consulting voice.

"okay" he said from the other side and call disconnected. Anna looked at the phone for few seconds and the tears started flowing from her pretty eye's and rolling on her delicate cheeks. She fell a little bad.

*He was her step father and her mother got expired about two years ago. She was only wanted love and care from her father because he didn't care about Anna after her mother's death.*

When she was walking by the road side. She saw a car passing by her with full speed which seems to be out of controlled. It was very heavy raining and suddenly a "BANG"** sound reached to Anna's ears. She looked at the direction of that sound and ran towards the car, all she could saw a damaged car which were hit the road divider.

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