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Anna Wilson a 20 year old young and beautiful girl who lost her mother when she was 18 year old. Because of her financial aid she took all the responsibilities on her small shoulders. She's a God's child and blessed with God's blessings. Everything's changed when she meet her true love. Roman Smith he's 26 year old most wanted bachelor and top businessman in China. He's known by his arrogant behavior and his charm. He never have been in a relationship with any woman but all the woman had crushed on him. But he never thought that he could be become romantic and caring person after when he meet her. He fall for her on his knees. But every lovestory has heartbreaking tragedies like this one have. Roman Smith and Anna Wilson are made for each other but circumstance's came after one by one in there life's. Will they be together and forever with each other? Wants to know then find out by reading this love story. After all, she was a young and beautiful girl. Who gone through so many ups and down and drastic tragedies in her life, but never give up on herself. ............. And today she wanted to sleep with him, why? It's just because of her situation. She had lost her mother and didn't wants to lose her father now. She wasn't desperate, yet she wants to devote herself to him. She was feeling helpless twenty year old girl who wanted to save her father at any cost. But don't know the right way and don't had the big source. Anna though in her mind "It's better to sleep with him then raped by that bastard." Anna's hands were trembling and she spoke with low voice "I am still a virgin, but I am mature enough." She looked up his handsome face and then hurriedly opened her shirt's buttons with trembled hands. Roman's brows raised up and he turned his face aside. "Aha....what are you doing. STOP" he said in his deep voice. Anna opened few of her shirt's button and spoke as she was unbuttoning her shirt. "Don't you believe? I can prove it." Her white fitted bra were exposed out now from her white shirt. And showing her white milky skin. Then she stood on her tiptoe and stretched her two white thin hands. She cupped his handsome face and in the next second her red soft lips found with his cold one. Roman's eyes wide-opened, his Adam's apple bobbed and his body got stiff. He don't know what to do in that situation. The girl was brushing her soft sweet rose-petals like lips against his lips. Her eyes were closed. Roman felt that an electric current goes through his thighs. His eyes slowly closed as he lost control on his own body. He encircled her soft cylindrical waist with his strong arms. He couldn't resist the sweet test of her lips and the girl's sweet aroma. It wasn't a scent but a girl's enchanting scent. Which was making him mesmerized. As soon as he lost his sense to think about anything, he lost his senses. And then Roman started responding to her kiss. He wasn't getting enough in that position, so, he carried her up by the waist and pinned her against to the wall of the bathroom. Roman was breathing disorderly. He bent over and about to kissed her again. Then he felt the girl in his arm, was crying. He could felt her tears on his face. He quickly stoped what he was doing. And then gaze down the girl in his arm. He felt a heartache too. The girl buried her little face into his neck. "Please save my dad" the girl murmured in her low weak voice. Roman extend his hand and gently caressed her hairs. He spoke in his deep harshly voice "Don't cry". And suddenly he felt that the girl in his arm was unconscious. ............ Instagram : @itskhushbuverma Snapchat : @lastmoonlight1 Discord : @khushbu_verma Dear readers I am thankful to all of you for giving interest in this novel. Guy's I would like to tell you that I have started a new project/novel (THE UNEXPECTED TURNS) please also support this novel and spread love.


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