1 Reborn, without a system???

"Ugh, I have to go out and get some food. Guess I'll finish this novel when I get back." The slightly obese man finally stood up from his desk, his knees were weak from all the sitting. His desk was covered with bottles and plates after he consumed items. "One more thing to do when I get back I guess." He grabbed his jumper and walked outside.

He was walking along the road when he got a vibration in his pocket, could someone have finally texted him? "F***!" He got his hopes up when it was just a message from his landlord about something, but he just ignored it. He went on some apps to scroll through while walking.

All of a sudden he lost his footing, there was suddenly nothing there and he proceeded to trip up, all he could get a glimpse of was a hole in the ground and some reflective cones around it along with a drain cover on the side. He realized that he fell down a drain.

After tripping up he went head first down the drain and hit his head a few times along the sides of the drop, he finally landed right on his head and his eyes closed.

He opened his eyes and took a large gasp of air in, to his surprise the air was really clean as if he was in the countryside, wait, he was in the countryside! He looked around quickly again and felt the warmth of a fire. He was sitting along a path in the middle of nowhere. Looking at himself he saw that he was skinny and tall. This wasn't his body, what was going on?

"Did I die? Wow, that is one way to go out." He thought about how he might have ended up here. "But wait, if from what I read is right. I should now have a system!" He closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on one point in his mind as hard as he could, there was no reply which he was hoping for. "Wait I know, most MC's have to go through some pain before they awaken their system!" He quickly stood up. His head started to spin and he nearly tripped up. For sure he was not in his body and he was definitely reborn.

After regaining his balance he proceeded to slap himself a few times, "Ow!", he couldn't control his strength since this body was much stronger. There was a bright red mark on his cheek. Once again he closed his eyes and concentrated on one point, again, there was no response. "Maybe that was too weak?" He proceeded to slap himself again until he slapped and punched so hard that he cut himself and blood started to pour out of the cut. He flinched and closed his eyes but didn't give up. Closing his eyes and concentrating he once again got no reply.

"Let me think... Let me think..." He really thought deeply about what to do. "Yes! I need to be in a battle in order to awaken the system, maybe it's one of those which assists me while in combat. Around his were a few things, one of which was a wooden pole, which would have probably been the previous owner's weapon. He picked it up and started to walk towards the direction where there were footsteps shown on the path.

When he was walking along the path with his pole in his hand people were looking at him. He even overheard some things said, 'He's back?', 'Did he forget something?', 'Does he need a bigger lesson?'. People were mostly criticizing him, he learned that he must have been banished from his clan for a reason. But now? He will use his new system and defeat someone to show off. In the distance he could see a big building, it was built in a Chinese style with dragons on the rims, he knew this was a tradition in some country since he read about it, but which one was it? Well, it didn't matter for now.

He was getting closer and closer to the building. There were a few people standing on the top of some stairs, right at the bottom was a big arena used for fights. "So you're back, Lin. What are you looking for? We banished you two days ago and you're already back?" There was an elderly man with a long beard holding a walking stick in the middle of the stairs. The boy finally learned something, his body's name was Lin, "My name will soon be known throughout this world! Just they wait!" He thought to himself. "Leylin! Take care of him again." The old man said to everyone.

Leylin huh. That's probably the person who got Lin banished from the clan. He wielded a wooden sword and jumped down the stairs, he didn't give Lin any time at all to prepare. He saw him running at him and started to randomly spin the pole. "Come on! Come on! Awaken for god's sake!" He was getting frustrated, he was clearly in danger yet a system didn't awaken. The wooden sword finally came and slapped him across the face, he was knocked down and beaten until he went nearly unconscious.