1 Prologue 1/2

A young man is peacefully sleeping, within a small room in a rundown apartment. Blissfully unaware of the misfortune he is about to face.


Through the newly shattered window a black shadow came crashing through the bedroom and violently landing on the soft carpet. The glass shards scatter throughout the room as if to create a minefield. The young man continues sleeping on the edge of the bed as if nothing has happened.

Unfortunately for the young man, he sneezed, yes, sneezed, while sleeping. Because of the sneeze, he slightly lifted his head and fell off of the bed, conveniently onto a shard glass shard pointing towards the skys. The glass pierced his skull. The boy died before he could even wake up.


He opened his eyes to see, nothing. He couldn't see his fingers when he tried so desperately to, he couldn't see the ground he was standing on. All he knew was that he was dead. He had a large amount of time to think, think about his life, think about what would happen to him now.

After an undetermined amount of time, a ball of light appeared in front of him. It was only a small ball of light but in this endless abyss it shone brighter than anything else.

Successfully drawing the attention of the boy the ball spoke,"Hello, young one. It seems you are quite confused about where you are and what has happened."

The boy tried to talk but nothing exited his mouth, if he even had one.

"There is no need for you to talk child, just listen to what I have to say" The ball of light said sagely.

"I am a being that has existed since before this universe was even created, my emotions have grown dull, I haven't shown a smile for millennia. However, your death was something that made me laugh, something I can't even remember doing last." The light said, monotone as ever.

The boy was quite mad that his death was something to be laughed at, considering he doesn't remembering it happening at all, he simply woke up in the endless abyss and correctly guessed that he had passed away.

"Now, before you get too upset, this comes with a benefit to you." The voice concluded.

The boy's ear perked up at the mention of a benefit, after all, no free things are bad.

"I can make an exception on the cycle of reincarnation for you, usually the soul's memories are wiped and are sent to a random world. However, because of the joy you gave me, I will make an exception. I will give you the chance to reincarnate into a world of your choosing, with a body of your choosing and a system of your choosing." The ball of light seemed to puff its chest out at the mention of its generous rewards.

The boy thought of all the fan-fictions he has read and wanted to ask if he could just get three wishes instead.

"Now boy, don't get ahead of yourself, even omnipotent beings cannot think of every loophole you humans can. Now, either take my offer or begone." The voice said with aggression.

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A board appeared in front of the boy, and by using his mind he could move and adjust it. The board contained worlds to go to, from anime worlds, manga worlds, and even movie worlds. Instead of looking through the worlds for hours on end, the boy simply looked at the ball.

"You want many worlds crossed-over into one, at my own discretion? A complex request boy, but one that can be done." The voice was indifferent, as if he was above the request set for him.

After looking through his repertoire of "Perfect Characters", he narrowed it down to four people. Madara Uchiha and Indra Otsusuki from 'Naruto', Adam from 'Record of Ragnarök', and Diluc from 'Genshin Impact'

After careful consideration of who is the most badass out of the 4, he chose Adam. He was made to mirror the gods after all.

"I see, a wise choice for a human." The boy started to think that the voice was bipolar.

And lastly, a system to take into the new world. This was something the boy and thought of a long time ago, he didn't hesitate. He chose to bring a system that mirrored a game in his past life. A gacha game that had characters from almost every form of media, and allowing the player to get their hands on badass waifus.

"You wouldn't rather a system makes you stronger rapidly? Or one where you can enslave women with a touch? Humans truly are peculiar. Regardless, off you go human, you have sullied my eyes by being in my prescence" The ball of light shimmered and suddenly everything went dark again. The boy was once again in the abyss. However, he managed to hear quiet voices around him.

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