1 this has nothing to to do with martial arts

what is this comic you at ask it is a good comic no correct Grammer punctuation and spelling I relliy on auto correct now what if Everytime you went to bed and you were dreaming you were actually a different person like your mind went to a complete different universe and when you woke up you were back it could be true think about it why do you not have dreams sometimes or you stay awake if someone on the other side of the earth is sleeping and if you sleep to long someone on the other side of the earth will stay up hmmmmmmm. anyway this was short plz show kindness give ideas and I have a questions send them to my email wizardman101.11@gmail.com what do you think happens in your sleep I will take a few answers and put them in my next comic/book. bye p.s if someone could tell me how to make comics that would help thx.

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