VRMMO: The Returnee
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VRMMO: The Returnee


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What is VRMMO: The Returnee

Read VRMMO: The Returnee novel written by the author Killerbee on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering romance, action, modern, virtualreality, spirityawardsspring2020. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Lu Fei, a debt ridden orphan who struggles through his daily life. His only wish is to provide a good life to his sister. With the threats of the loan sharks knocking on his door, he sets out to try his luck in the VR game called 'Ark'. With a dark past as a returner and Ian has his alias, he fights in Ark for a better future for his sister. Will he be able to reach the top? What will happen when he suddenly got a mysterious class and he can hear the voices of spirits? * * * This novel is inspired by novels like LMS, OG, EOSP, Praise the orc etc. Join the discord: https://discord.gg/F9xfJWv

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So, here is your author here but I will not just give a shameless review here. I will tell you all the good and the bad points of this novel. You can decide to read it or not after that. The good points: A calm MC: Lu Fei is mature, not brainless just because he's OP or something. He used to be a mercenary in a fantasy world, so he experienced the so called human nature there. He's not a guy who would blush talking to girls or hesitate to even insult them. The game: Ark is going to be one of the highlights of the novel as the whole novel is mostly based on it. NPCs would just like be regular people and the interaction between them and Lu Fei would be one of the highlights of the novel. Weak to strong: Lu Fei would not just become too OP from the start. He would struggle and even die sometimes but he would still be stronger than an average player. Romance: It's one of the points I am confident you will like. It's going to be sweet, like really sweet. There would be more than one girl liking him but I can't say about the harem. Characters: Characters would be unique and even some typical characters will have some unique points or a back story. Chapters: The chapters will be 2k in length, which is above average in WN terms. The bad points: The start: The first ten chapters can get annoying to some people as there would be some info dump and the game part will only start on the 6th chapter. Similar start: Many people will feel that the start is similar to other novels. A debt and a sister to take care of, but it will change as the story will progress. Plot holes: There would be some plot holes in the novel. I can't do anything about it as every novel have it. Not an OP MC: I know that VR novels in WN is filled with an OP MC who had come from the future and knows everything. This is bad point because most of the users look for an OP MC. I can't think of more bad points and it's up to the readers to decide in the end. I will advise the readers to read both bad and good reviews before reading the novel. Give a review, either positive or negative. I don't think there would be any problems with the grammar unless one is a grammar Nazi. I will end my words here.


I will give you readers some advice of what kind of the author personally he/she really is. 1: I have notice some of the authors chapter are very similar with other chinese or japanese Novels that i have already read, Then I realized that some of it are just copy paste while the author tweak some of the words to not make it the same. 2: The author notes is bull**** there are so many reason why he cant update regularly and will make so many excuses why he/she cant do it 3: Some of his book are premium when some fans of his/her works spends ss to unlock some chapter then this author will suddenly Drop the novel he/she make without a single **** given.


Good novel with good background graphics... character design is good and digestible. though, I never thought returnee meant he will come back... it's little tweak and student teacher relationship is good. World background in the game Can be improved but it's enough to enjoy... thanks for another good novel author san


Sometimes you look at all those brand of chocolate cookies on the shelf and think "All are just the same what's the difference, does it matter if we choose one over the other without thinking". Yes it does because... QUALITY and UNIQUENESS. This can be applied to the alluring quality of Bee's Reurnee too. In this oversaturated market full of similar books with similar themes, Bee breathes a new life in the genre. The universe he creates is something you'd often heard about in other VRMMO books too but you can't help but think "This is new..." Every now and then. The writing style is top notch and the dialogues are just wondrously witty and the humour is not something that will leave you with a grin but pure laughter that may make your stomach hurt at some point. This web novel is totally different from the others, a true embodiment of the phrase "to stand out from the crowd"


⛔⚠️Attention⚠️⛔ Author never finish his novel. He always drops them midway. Author is a scam. Authors Recipe: 1. Find good & popular korean novel 2. Copy korean novel plots & ideas but add a little bit of your own original ideas 3. Continue getting plots & ideas frim other novels 4. When running out of ideas to copy drop the novel midway


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Author's "Top star" is one of the best one out there but this one is a complete disappointment, nothing in this clicks, even characters, story and the world-building, everything is bland. Sorry author but your last one was so good that this one is too average


Didn’t you like dropped your previous few novels and left your readers hanging?


I can’t believe I haven’t already given a review yet. This story is not like all the others it’s a high quality work of art. The description and story flow smoothly into dialogue. 100/10 for me would read multiple times!


Digging it. Man I miss good VR novels. Hope this pace continues and slowly the novel becomes more and more interesting. Still I am fine with normal beginning lol..It's a interesting idea too. And Bee keep writing.🤣😘😘🤗


An amazing story. The author has nicely displayed the world of VR in this story. Fight scenes are nicely portrayed. While the concept seems similar to other stories, the skills to write a good story must be noted. The development is well paced and I look forward to the updates. Nice work


Enjoying the story so far. The book contains strong resemblance to other VRMMO novels, that's to be expected. The author even mentioned that it was inspired by the likes. Just thought to mention that first and foremost. What separates this from other novels of this genre is the MC, who is a returner from a Isekai world. I like his thought process. He thinks through things and knows what he's doing. His expierence in the Isekai world heightened his senses, and while you might say that makes him OP, and the story boring, the author depicts it as a liability. I want to see him overcome that. As mentioned before, the story is very much inspired by other novels of the genre. Thus, the world-building inside is very similar/the same to those of other stories. As a avid Eastern fantasy/lit rpg reader, I would've like to see some differences. Finally, I want to conclude this review with words about the writing. Info dumps are relatively low, and grammar is above average. I notice though the structure and fluidity between paragraphs can be improved on. There can be some rewording and better word choices to make the writing sound not so bland and flat. All in all, this is a great read for fans of LitRPG and VRMMO. Characters are great and story develops very well. I hope author keeps up the good work. Happy reading!


I already love this story, I know that I will follow it! As expected from Killerbee! Please give it a read you won't regret it! It may be a bit early to leave al these 5 stars but I do it because I have great hope for this story and for me it is already 5 stars!


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Story so far is pretty lit, I love Ian's motivations and his gradually rise to the top. Not to mention the attention he is gradually attracting to himself. I love his battles vs boss monsters, as it shows his growth and developement. Keep up the good work!


fun exciting! please keep updating the novel until the end! ....................................(T.T).....................................................................


Has this book been dropped?????????????????????????????? Pls reply....................................... .............................!!!!!!!!!!!


Author when will you release the latest it's already been a month..this is just the cup of my tea novel and i dont have anything to read yet..so please release a chapter alredy.. Sincerely yours, #1#2#3 Abid Reader


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The author is really talented, but it's almost been a month since the break that was supposed to last a week. In these types of situations, I would like an update on why this happened so I know if its dropped or not.


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