3 3- Chris is Weird

Mark and Chris were now standing in front of a tall sky scraper that has thousands of floors, it extended up to the skies that Mark couldnt even see the top.

"Welcome to my house" Chris said.

Mark looked at him with disbelief, "You call this a fuck*ng house?" He exclaimed.

"Whoa, language, I know you are shocked but my real house is much bigger than this" Chris said.

"Is your real house a castle or something?" Mark asked.

"Correct" Chris replied.

"Ugh, whatever, so what are we going to do now?" Mark asked.

"Lets go to your room, its next to mine" Chris said then guided him inside, at the entrance, Mark could see many guards in black suit, and he could tell all of them are powerful fighters.

Well, it was also very strange to see these powerful guards bow whenever Chris passes by, 'Is this the power of money?' he thought.

The duo then entered inside the first floor and Mark curiously looked around, he could see some people walking around the place and all of them looked very rich.

As for him who was wearing his tattered school uniform, he looked out of place.

"Whoa, there are many rich people here, I feel like a country bumpkin" Mark commented.

"Well, since this place is very big, we also decided to use it as a hotel business, many people comes here" Chris said.

"Whoa, how much per stay?" Mark asked.

"A day will cost about 300 thousand Unicoins" Chris replied.

"Oh, never mind, just pretend I didnt ask that" Mark said as he felt scared with the power of money.

Thankfully, they didnt linger around that long, and Chris brought him on a room called teleportation room.

Mark saw magic circles on the ground and he recognized it, "Is this elven magic?" Mark asked.

"Correct, we hired some elves to place one on each floor, it costs us quite a bit but it was worth it" Chris said.

"Costs quite a bit? if I remember correctly, installing one magic circle costs about a billion" Mark remembered.

"Yes, that is right" Chris said.

"... I should really just keep my mouth shut" Mark said in a deadpan face.

"Pfft, haha, why are you always surprised, isnt the academy more rich than here?" Chris chuckled cutely.

"Well, I just got used to the Academy, and they dont have any magic circle there" Mark said.

"Dont you have the highest exam magic theory score in the whole academy? why are you even acting like that?" Chris asked.

"Its only a theory but making one is impossible since the materials are very expensive" Mark replied.

"Well, I dont really care, lets go to your room first" Chris said as he stepped inside the magic circle followed by Mark.

Chris then turned his head to the mage standing on the corner and nodded, the Mage understood and started chanting.

A few moments later, the magic circle started glowing and finally enveloped the duo and they both turned into light particles and disappeared from the teleportation room.

Mark suddenly felt dizzy and had the urge to puke but he was able to stop himself.

"Damn, I feel really dizzy" Mark said.

"Haha, that is fine Mark, it only happens on your first time, you will get used to it, anyway, welcome to your room" Chris said.

Mark wiped the saliva off the corner of his mouth, and curiously looked around.

And he could already describe the 'room' given to him in a few words.

"Its absurdly huge and luxurious" Mark said, this was not a room! it was a whole floor! this was one hundred times bigger than Mark's room in the orphanage.

"Welcome to your own room!" Chris said.

"Ugh, Chris I know you are rich but giving me a whole floor is too much" Mark said.

"Oh... then get used to it, anyway, if you dont want to have your own room, then why dont you be my roommate, I always wanted to try having one" Chris said with a hint of blush.

"Oh! that is a great idea, that way I wont feel too guilty living here, lets go to your room then" Mark said.

"What!? a-are you not going to think over it or even hesitate?" Chris started to panic.

Mark found it cute, if only he was a girl then Mark will surely pursue her.

"Why not? are we not both boys?" Mark said.

"Y-yeah, we are both boys, okay, lets go to my room then" Chris said, this time, they took the elevator since the room of Chris was just in the upper floor.


The elevator door opened and what welcomed Mark was an even more, okay, there is nothing to be surprised anymore.

It could be said that the room was the room of the true rich people that Mark never hoped to see in his life time.

"Welcome!" Chris said cheerfully, but Mark could see a hint of blush on his face.

Mark the turned his head to the huge cabinet near them, it was fully of different kinds of stuff toys.

"Umm, its a hobby of mine" Chris said as he scratched his cheeks.

"Its a good hobby, I also have a hobby of collecting weapons and other things but so far, I only have a few things with me" Mark said.

"Oh! then I will also add another cabinet here so we could see each others collection" Chris said with a sweet smile.

"Do what you want boss" Mark said with a teasing smile.

"Anyway, come I will bring you to your bed" Chris said then brought him to a 'real' room.

Inside, there was a king sized bed, well, Mark could not identify the other items inside, but they looked freaking expensive.

"I will call them later to bring your clothes in, for now change into this! we will start our training" Chris said as he showed a normal looking black sports suit.

Chris handed it to him and yep, the clothes arent normal either, it was a custom made, Mark sighed and started taking his clothes off.

Chris who was by the side was caught off guard and immediately turned beet red, he covered his eyes with his hands but his fingers still let him peek.

Mark turned towards him, "Arent you gonna change?" Mark asked.

"I-im going!" Chris yelled then ran outside the room and then entered his room which was only beside Mark's room.

"What a weird reaction" Mark thought then continued changing his clothes.

It didnt take long for him to change his clothes, he waited for a few minutes but it seemed like Chris was taking a long time, so while waiting, he decided to stroll around and familiarize himself to his new home.

Though adapting was a little hard because he was a poor broke guy who suddenly lived a rich place.

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