373 Worst luck in the world

For a moment it looked like Emperor Rui had the disadvantage as it was two versus one but after absorbing seraphic energy out of fifty of his offspring he was not a simple person to deal with. As the fight progressed he was adapting at a fast pace tapping into all fifty kinds of seraphic energies he robbed from others.

The tides soon shifted and the pair were getting suppressed quickly and sharply. Emperor Rui's methods were especially ruthless as the darkness took over his aether. The darkness in his pupils spread all over his eyes as he lost himself to his true nature.

As though possessed by an evil being from the deepest depths of hell he launched a vicious assault that made it difficult for the two to fend off. Seeing their struggle emperor Rui smiled smugly and said, "See..... even with the two of you combined you can't defeat a god like me."

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