375 Deepening the hate between clans

Wiping his tears he whispered, "Save him and... I will go with you." As soon as he said this he bow his head and planted a lingering kiss at the corner of Ji Yao's cold lips. 'I will come to find you... I promise,' he vowed before he gently placed Ji Yao's head on the ground. After that, he got up and stood to the side with Huishe Nan's piercing gaze following his every move.

He didn't know exactly how to feel right now. When he saw his grandson kiss that Qilin so affectionately he clenched his fist even more tightly with his nails cutting through his palm. He didn't know if this had been Qilin San's plan all along.

Their grandchildren who were both males were involved in a relationship. Qilin San might be okay with this because he never loved his daughter but Huishe Nan wasn't inclined on letting this relationship continue. He had to do as promised and make sure this Qilin cub survives as he was even more determined to bring his grandson home even more.

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