3 Chapter 2:Next Century

I really want to get this this dumb stuff over with so I can go back home. At least next century I get to become a devil and I get to have a sinner of my own but for now I need to to just keep doing what I'm told. I've never really seen my master so I'm kind of excited to become a devil and they never age its like a dream come true. Although some sinners have to stay as they are. Now I have to tend to these stupid halos I wonder if I'd be able to turn that one halo within a month, but I'll have to focus on him last my master has told me to turn 100 people and the last person I'm turning is him this is going to be easy.....or so I thought I couldn't even get him to budge but my time was running out so I had to turn someone else. It the weirdest thing happened he chuckled as if he new me before I was weirded out to say the least no halo knows me except my family....yes my family are a bunch of halos. I know right it's just such a coincidence that in the only sinner but I've accepted it by now so I have no problem with them but I do have a problem with all of the other halos. But anyway I have to focus on one halo is particular hehe.