2 Chapter 1:The Unswayed Halo

Hello, my name is Kei and I am a sinner. I turn halos and make people commit sins from adultery to murder. By doing this their halos turn black and they grow horns leaving the rest to the king. If your wondering what halos are they are heavenly beings that live on earth and turn humans into angels although they are not angels themselves the work under the insight of god. If your wondering what sinners are they work under other devils unlike halos we get punished if we don't turn a human or halo into a sinner we get punished severely. Some sinners aren't always lucky and they get used for other things such as personal pleasure of our master or we get tortured until we break...unlike me I was lucky to be a collector I was tortured but I just would break so they made me a collector and if I didn't make a sinner I would get punished so I always do what I'm told by my master. Other than that being a sinner is fun swaying other to do bad is very easy and they are way more gullible than you think all you have to tell the halos is that something bad will happen to them if they don't do it and the humans are way easier but there was one halo is particular that just couldn't be swayed so my master gave a month and a half to turn him it I already know it is going to be a challenge.

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