6 Chapter 6 Tsuna's Enhanced Stats and Flame Mutation

' Congratulations to the host for successfully consuming the Body cleansing pill, and the hosts have received the following benefits from taking in the pill. The host will receive a 2 minor rank increase in the stats of Strength, Dexterity, Agility, Resistance, Defence, and Vitality. The host shall also receive a +1 rank for Bloodline Vongola Intuition. The host has also unlocked Charm rank, which tells the host his charisma and ability to convince others to do your orders. Host's current charm rank 3(Handsome).

Tsuna was a bit taken aback by the updates on the system and about the System. Hence, he decided to take the Flame mutation potion first before checking the status to keep opening it after drinking the Flame mutation potion. Then Tsuna took the 2 Flame mutation potion out of his Inventory, and Tsuna' prepared himself again and made sure he recovered from the effects of the Body cleansing pill.

After Preparing, Tsuna consumed the first Flame mutation potion, and at first, Tsuna' didn't feel anything when he first drank it, but suddenly a major pain came from his soul as Dying will flame are connected to someone soul. After a few minutes of enduring the pain of cracking of Tsuna's soul, a sudden comfortable sensation came from Tsuna's soul because Tsuna's soul became more compact, purer, and stronger. After feeling the sensation, Tsuna heard a Notification from his system, it said.

' Congratulations to the host for successfully consuming the Flame mutation potion, and the hosts have received the following benefits from taking in the Flame mutation potion' Sky Flame fusion mutation, and +2 Sky flame rank.' After hearing this, Tsuna smiled due to his excitement, and then Tsuna consumed the last Flame mutation potion. The second potion effects had similar effects with the first one, but the one who received the second time was his storm flame, and it received the mutation of devouring and only received a +1 Storm flame rank. Tsuna thought it had a weaker effect since he had already consumed one earlier and was not as effective because it was no longer fresh. Then as Tsuna expected it, He received another notification, and it said.

' Congratulations to the host for successfully finishing the mission 'Quest Body Improvement' the rewards are to be given 'x2 of all benefits of using the pill, +2 to a bloodline chooses to improve, and have a 30% to gain a new dying will flame and 100 mafia points.'..... The host has received Mist flames(1). The host has chosen to use the +2 rank up on Bloodline 'Flame Magi.'

After Tsuna saw the quest, he then looked at his Status page to see all the improvements and upgrades he received.


Name: Tsunayoshi Sawada(???)

Title: Prodigy Tsuna.

Race: Human

Bloodline: Flame Magi(3), Vongola Intuition

Mafia Points:100

Dying Will Flames: Sky Flame rank 6, Storm Flame rank 4, Mist Flame rank 1

Skills: Limit Break +, Skill Assimilation +, True Martial arts (5), Academics (7), Dying will control(3), Basic Weapon Mastery(4), Hyper dying will mode manual control(3), Skill Experience multiplier(3)

Magic: N/A

Aura: Fear Aura

Level 10

Health: 1800/1800

Dying Will Energy: 1000/1000

Strength: B+

Intelligence: B

Dexterity: B

Luck: XX( The Host either has immense luck or Horrible Luck on Random Time's.)

Agility: B+

Resistance: B-

Defense: B+

Vitality: C

Wisdom: C

Charm rank(3) Handsome

Skill points:20

Each skill needs 3 points to upgrade a single rank.

Stat points: 10

Each stats needs 4 points to upgrade a single minor rank.




Choice & Relationship Tracker

Romantic List

Kyoko Sasagawa(8) Loved

Haru Miura(7)Liked

Takeya Yamamoto(4)Interested

Familial List

Nana Sawada(10)Adored

Iemitsu Sawada(8)Proud

Friend List

Ryohei Sasagawa(7) Brotherly

Tsuyoshi Yamamoto(4) Interested

Enemy List

Local Yakuza(6) Hated

As Tsuna saw his status, he nodded as he was pleased with the development and decided to use his skill and stats points finally. Tsuna used 6 skill points to upgrade Hyper dying will mode into rank (5), he also used Dying will flame into rank (5), and lastly, Skill experience multiplier to rank (4), which left 5 Skill points. He also used 8 points to increase Intelligence and wisdom, which left the 2 stat points.

After Appointing the points, Tsuna took a bath to clean off all the black substance on his body. As Tsuna entered the bathroom, he saw his face and became shocked as he saw a much more good-looking face than his old one and though his current face resembled Giotto's face. Tsuna felt proud and amazed at his looks and thought, " Huh, this is great. I became more handsome than before; maybe Kyoko would like my new looks now.". Then after cleaning up, Tsuna laid on his bed and fell asleep.

Timeskip Morning

As Tsuna woke up, he yawned and groggily woke up and went downstairs as he walked downstairs, surprised to see Haru in his kitchen cooking food. He was about to talk, but behind came his mother's voice, which said, " Tsu-Kun, you're finally awake. I didn't know you have such a cute friend that you were meeting today." As Nana looked at Tsuna with a mischievous knowing that Tsuna was already dating Kyoko, as Nana saw Tsuna's face, he became shocked as she saw Tsuna's old ordinary face turn into a more masculine and cool good looking face.

Tsuna's face became more detailed, and his nose became more pointed, his eyes became sharper, and his eye received a blue tint, and lastly, Tsuna's original brown hair turned into a light blond with a blue tint. If Iemitsu saw Tsuna's look, he would be shocked as Tsuna's new look became almost exactly like Vongola Primo or otherwise known as Giotto, but a bit more handsome and sharp looking.

Then Nana said, " Tsu-Kun, what happened to your face and your hair? You became more handsome, sharp-looking than before, and how did your eye and hair color change!?" Nana said with a shocked face. As Haru heard Nana's voice, she turned around and also Tsuna's new look. Haru blushed as she saw Tsuna's face. She thought that Tsuna was already handsome before, but now he became more handsome.

Tsuna saw Nana's and Haru's reaction to his look and smirked and said, " I don't know, mom, I already looked like this when I woke up. Maybe it was because of a potion I picked up yesterday when I was with Kyoko at the aquarium." Nana thought that was too unbelievable but couldn't disprove it, so she decided to believe it then said'

''Well, fine then if you don't want to tell, but how about sitting while Haru-chan here and I finish cooking. And you better tell me what you will do today as You've been a bit late going home lately, so I won't worry about you later." Tsuna nodded and apologized to Haru and Nana for the disturbance due to his face; Tsuna also noticed Haru's blush,

So he decided to tell invite her later if she wanted to hang out. And Tsuna sat down on the table, but as he sat down, he heard a knock on the door as he paled a bit from hearing a voice that he didn't want to meet today. "Tsunayoshi Sawada, I have come today for this week's spar base on our agreement earlier..."

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