1 A New Beginning

After placing the final item into his suitcase, Yuliang took a good look at the bare bones of the bedroom that had been his for the last seventeen years of his life.

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Boxes filled with journals and texts were neatly pushed up against a side wall to be picked up and stored later by his grandmother, who was apparently too busy with work right now even to see them off.

His bed's old wooden bed frame looked decrepit without his usual beddings to distract from its disrepair. It looked one strong gust away from collapsing, but except for occasional creaks, had never had any issue supporting twice the weight of Yuliang in the past and probably will continue to even in the future.

Pushing down the slight twinge of melancholy, Yuliang let the steady feeling of determination fill him. It was the closing of one chapter of his life and moving forth to the next.

There was no room for sadness or hesitation here.

"Ready to go?"

Yuliang glanced back at his twin, who was leaning against the frame of his door, with a bright grin that barely concealed excitement.

Yuliang's own lips twitched up in response. He took one last look around his room before nodding, "Yeah, I'm ready," he said, "let's go."

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