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What is Visitors

Visitors is a popular web novel written by the author Blodnovskinny, covering Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.6K readers with an average rating of 4.81/5 and 21 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 6 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


A lonely rich girl lived her life daydreaming about when her life would be more than just going to her expensive private school and going back home to her father's mansion. When she finally met a good-looking boy and his mysterious family, she thought her dreams were finally coming true but she couldn't have been more wrong.

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I love how the author took the time to describe her characters! Even making sure that the heroine's background and social status. Lokun seems like a really nice guy. hehe dibs!


This inspiration may seem like fiction, but paints a very true picture of obscurity face by those who are mostly rich. The author painted a very good picture of what most rich people are confronted with.. Despair is like a spear in the heart, your money cannot tame... This work is indeed a excellent piece to be reckon with. I sincerely recommend it as good read Kudos author! Best of luck


I love the plot... its truly spectacular.. keep up the good work .. the characters are resounding and so is the story... its worth anyone's time!!


Woah, the synopsis. That is really commendable! I know I will be looking forward to this one. But I cannot afford to wait so author, fighting! Keep the chapters coming😁😁


Hey, your fellow author here! The synopsis garnered my interest and even more so from the first chapter. The mysteriousness behind the "fish people" is just enough to intrigued me to keep on reading. The author did a good job out of that. The flow of the story is smooth and the descriptions of the characters are good. The way the author wrote the character, it enabled us readers to understand them and get to know them on a higher level. The story is very creative and it keeps readers on the edge of their seat. Keep up the good work!


i like the sypnosis and the story is interesting. chapter 1 and im already hooked with the novel.. the author is a good writer..i love fantasy genre and this novel is absolutely fun to read.


Reveal spoiler


Just can't stop reading. This says I lot. Been there when you feel you've found it and you were just so wrong. I recomnend this piece. Keep up the constant writing. 😎


Ok. I really love this book and the characters especially Zaynab. Her role is terrific and interesting. I actually wish you'd write more books like this. Then there's an error I noticed in the chapter two, you misspelled Zaynab as Zainab. You should correct it so it doesn't confuse the readers. Oh, and I like Zaynab's family. Don't know why.


This is such an amazing book! The author has a talent for weaving a quality plot together with quality words , and the descriptions are so clear! Shaken by the professionalism and pace. The flow makes you read on and reach the end without even realising you got to the end! Before you know it, you're saying "Wait, the chapter ended already?" Great work!


Overall it's really making me itch to read the whole complete book, it's really unique and done well. I really love reading fantasy genres and I'm pinning for this one.


the author is really good ,have read many other books from him ,and they are interesting ,so I wasn't surprised when this turned out to be good


The detail and the story itself are very lovable... I like how the author made the mysterious effects in the story, you can imagine how a blast this will be. Hope to read more from you...


Just by reading the outline of your book I can tell that it is indeed a story worth reading.... This will be adding to my reading list for sure 😊😊😊🤗🤗🤗 Good Job Author your right on track💌💌💌


I love how you write it with a first person writing style and it was smooth! you're a professional writer! the background goes well too. keep up the good work 😁


I looooooooove this book! Gosh, I just can't describe how much🥺❤. Your writing is top-notch, honestly, your grammar, everything. The plot is literally one of the most unique I have ever read. It's so creative and awe-inspiring. Kudos author, I have never read anything like this, thanks author for sharing this spectacular story. keep up the good work!🌹❤🤗


The sypnosis will tell you that it has more into it. You've done a great job! Keep it up! [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


I love your work, it's so fascinating and I'm quite a sucker for a good fantasy novel. Plus, as a Nigerian and a Yoruba, I'm more than interested to see how this story pans out. Great work author, I highly recommend this book.👍


As usual, your work is fantastic. The main character is so lovely and at the same time very sad. I love your words choices and how your characters are very relatable. This story is beautiful and original, I must commend you.


Wow, I haven't read a book like this. It is both creative and intriguing. I see the mix of western writing and native style The way they both blended was very impressive. And the descriptions were dope, I could picture everything especially how they look like. I enjoyed every word. It was like reading modern day Nigerian fantasy. Kudos.👍


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