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Virtual World Futuristic Gunners Online


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Zane Crawford was born an orphan and suffered from the unique condition of Psychopathy. Being unable to see the world as anything other than an indifferent hellscape, he did the only thing he could to preserve his sanity - he joined the army. Twenty years and several awards later, Zane - the ultimate soldier settled down with a wife and kids, turning his attention to the new Virtual World MMORPG - Virtual World Futrustic Gunners Online. However, during one of the team tournaments with his family, something goes terribly wrong and Zane finds himself Isekai'd to a Fantasy World with his VWFGO System. --------------- Your Comments, Rates, Voting, and Overall Enthusiasm determines how many chapters are uploaded each week. So show me support and I will reciprocate with chapters. Support me ---> patreon.com/The_Young_Flash Discord: https://discord.gg/krTzF4bXfV


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