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Read Virtual Renown novel written by the author Cloakedinshadow on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering action, adventure, fantasy, gameelements, malelead. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Tyranny, the latest and greatest VR game that would be featured on the newest generation of consoles. Rowan is obviously quite excited to play the game, seeing this to be his chance to change his fate in hopes of securing something better. A chance to crawl out from the cesspool of society, will he seize it? Or will he ultimately fail? The land of Orthus beckons, is the game as simple as it appears? What are the origins of the Domination Studios? How does it appear that Tyranny bleeds into reality? - Novice author, please be kind. Will not accept flames but will appreciate all sorts of constructive criticism - CloakedInShadow P.S - I try to post a chapter daily at around 12 - 1 (P.M EST), but this might slow down due to school starting up again soon. I thank you guys for your understanding and I'll try my best to keep putting out content. Another short note - Hey guys, some of you may have noticed the recent lack of updates, this is mainly because I've been exceedingly busy with my own life right now, I've got an internship as well as school and other things going on as well as several other projects I'm working on. Seeing this, and how tired I've been feeling, as much as I hate to do this, this will be going on a temp. hiatus until things in my life cool down a bit. Hopefully, you guys will still be ready to read my stuff when I come back. See you guys for now, CloakedInShadow


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Hello everyone. It's CloakedInShadow here, the author of this work, and I'm here to shamelessly leave a review on my own work. Now before you click off in second-shame from my own shamelessness, I ask that you give my novel a try. You might actually like my work after all. Who knows? Anyways, I'll stop talking here, try out my novel, will you? All right then, signing off for now, -CloakedInShadow


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