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Virtual Reality Is My Calling!


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Nathaniel Crook or just Nathan was born into a wealthy and prestigious family. He was the heir to his family business, he could have had it all. There was only one thing wrong...he was got in a terrible accident that caused him to go into a coma for years. When he came out of it he was paralyzed from the shoulder down. Years later a VRMMORPG named Ascension Online came out. It was the first of its kinda as it had 100% body and mind synchronization. It allowed crippled and physically disabled people to play it as everyone else could. After years of isolation, depression, and misery Nathan saw a slimmer of hope through Ascension Online. "Welcome to Ascension Online" --------------------- Disclaimer: I will admit I do not claim to be a good writer, but I will try and do my best. Also, this is my first novel and I would like you if you do read this to add some constructive criticism to help me and my novel out. ---------------------


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