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An International Olympic event that is held every 10 years. The olympic games are done in decade for one time is always changed state to become the master of the house. The olympic games in the year to 17 this will be held on d continent of Asia, the Southedstern precisely in Indonesia with 9 branches of international sports and followed by 60 selected countries around the world. For the sport is divided into 8 parts one is the "diving to get the treasure". Every implementation of this olympics, the organizers have done a thorough research about the valuable treasures that are still buried to the earth, the sea or the forest of the world. For this time, d sport that became the core is dive virtual objects the sky purple. Such objects are falling and drowning in the bottom of the ocean Jaya already for 1000 years. And according to research scientists, the sky objects that have the power, which can be the parent satellite other satellite, its right is to be the holders of control of the entire satellite there. Archie Xaveceana are athletes divers from Indonesia, along with 5 other colledgues united in a team of Maritime Squad. Then Andrew Lukas derived from the superpower of the United States, his team Ocednd. Fight under the sea, which requires three preliminary round to be able to participate in the final and dive to the bottom of the sea are addressed. In the final round, leaving only 10 teams that can fight and race to get that body. Both of them stuck in the trough of love to make the rdce it s getting murky dnd frustrating. It turns out that the poem was really "loving You is a losing game". Victory finally won by Archie, he mandged to find ob.jects in the sky valuable it is. But, one of the team Oceana piercing her heart from behind her severely injured and was pronounced dead. When others no longer fight for her, Andrew came in with full confidence. A ending or d sad ending? No one knows it, becduse every people have a point of view and they own opinion. Let s see the end of that thought…


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