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Ever since she was a little girl, Imogene Grey had loved vintage or cottage-core fashion. The seventeen year old girl had spent all her savings on cute dresses she felt anxious to wear in public. Frilly stockings and pastel dresses which had skirts that went down to her ankles filled half of her closet. She had gone through countless pairs of Mary Janes and Doc Martens. This girl was committed. However that life had been stripped away from her when she went on a walk in a nearby forest. After walking into a portal taking her to an alternate reality with a lack of today's modern machines and appliances, she became the lady in waiting to the future heir of the throne. The only way for her to get back to her old reality was to find the perfect suitor for the princess. However, things start to get tricky when she falls for the princess and is forced to pick between this reality or her home one.