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/an unknown island in south blue/

On the peak of the mountain he gazed upon the vast ocean dreaming of meeting his father and hunting pirates with him around the world fulfilling his fathers dream and being a hero just like his father , who was he kidding he knew the world was not just black and white after his mothers death he matured but the hatred for the pirates was still there and he yearned for strength , the strength to live as he pleases the strength to exact his vengeance

His grandfather molded him well , he saved him from his last breath , trained him in martial arts and haki making him strong gave him his new creed of might makes right unlike his fathers version of justice he admired during childhood this was more reasonable and logical , Vincent wasn't the naeve boy he once was he yearned for strength too much and his grandfather after the death of his mother was devastated became more serious to him ,his reasoning was to make me as strong as he possibly can so i don't die to and he took it to heart he was not going to die until all the seas feared his name as a marine or bounty hunter anything other than a pirate was good for him and today was the start of his journey towards his dreams he was going to enlist in the marines and finally meet his father after 11 years ...


zephyr was having his lunch with garp and sengoku then suddenly he got a letter addressed from someone he did not want to remember which stirred the memory of his wife ,he remembered the promised he made to this man to always protect and love her and love her he did and he was so ashamed to even go meet him nor he could find him he tried though without any kind of hope , he just stared at it

sengoku seeing his somewhat odd behavior didnt ask him but he was curious why or what made his friend loose his composure garp on the other hand after a minute or two found his two friends one gazing on the letter like a bad dream and the other curiously looking at the other , he suddenly snatched the letter and opened it ,zephyr was still questioning whether to open it or not but garp was quick and after reading the letter garp laughed and had a huge smile and went to hug his buddy and showed him the letter

the letter simply read ; your son is not dead , i took him and he wanted to be a marine and meet you so he would be there in a month or so ,don't get him killed .

Zephyr was both happy and mad at the same time ,joy that his son was alive and mad that he kept his son from him all this time , if he get a hold of the old man he promised he would kick the hell out of the old geezer ,he didn't think that old man would joke around about this and keeping his son for himself is something in line of his father in laws personality which was selfish and arrogant to the extreme , he was very much excited to meet his son both sengoku and garp was also felt glad for there always brooding friend to finally find his family back

[ timeskip : 2 months ]

Vincent zephyr arrived at the marineford with a silver saber and a gun on both his sides a white shirt black shorts and black boots his long purple hair tied back but too muscular for a 16 year old kid and round sunglasses

Zephyr was already at the docks waiting for him the moment ,the moment vincent saw the familiar figure he started crying and jumped from the ship and started to swim towards the docks in a inhumanly fast way and jumped at his father like he always remembered and gave him a bear hug, zephyr was surprised by the kids strength but before anything he was happy and hugged him back surprising Vincent of his fathers strength garp was beside them along with his son dragon ,since both dragon and vincent was similar in age and its the kids first time in marineford

and thus Vincent started his fist step for his gland plan which was not formulated but he was thinking about making a grand plan though ..

name: Vincent Zephyr


strength:rear admiral

martial arts: master

sword arts: basic

guns: basic

haki : observation haki

armament haki