Viltrum’s Legacy: Son of Thragg
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Viltrum’s Legacy: Son of Thragg


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What is Viltrum’s Legacy: Son of Thragg

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Viltrum. Home to one of the strongest races in the universe, Viltrumites. They are known for their great power and the massive Empire they have attained after countless centuries of war and bloodshed. They are no more. After a conflict with an interplanetary monster by the name of BlackStar, the ruling class of Viltrum discovered a virus that’d been spread throughout the populous. This ‘Black Scourge ” was deadly to all Vitrumites, and within years had brought the once mighty race to its knees. With only a few thousand left, including the most powerful Viltrumite and their leader, Grand Regent Thragg and his son Rao, they set out to replenish their population. But it was for naught, as they were ambushed by a waiting BlackStar, who had engineered the Scourge virus in hopes of killing all the Viltrumites and stealing their empire for himself. This time he’d developed anti-matter weapons, capable of erasing anything from existence. In a horrific slaughter the remaining Viltrumites were decimated. Leaving only the son of Thragg, who watched as his father was disintegrated. He was the last and truly the strongest Viltrumite, with abilities uncommon to other Viltrumites due to his half Kryptonian heritage. He swore to avenge his race and his father and uphold the legacy of his people. He is Viltrum’s Legacy.

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