Villainous Monarch: Revenge Of The Strongest Primordial God

Elish, one of the 9 Monarchs of the world, was destroyed by his other siblings after a great war in the heavens. However, unknown to them, he has now reincarnated thousands of years into the future. With his desire for vengeance burning strong against the other Monarchs and his desire to destroy the world they have built, he sets out on a journey to reclaim all that he has lost. ... And obliterate those that stand in his way. ****** [WPC ENTRY ANNOUNCEMENT] Please support this book since it is joining the Contest of this month. If you like what you read, add this book to your library, vote with your power stones, and shower it with comments. Thank you all in anticipation.

Magecrafter · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
96 Chs

The Battle Of Slaves [Pt 2]

After granting her this power, Hexarion gave her a task to do for him.

She wanted to carry it out without fail, and that was why, even though she didn't want to, she was going to do it! She didn't want to be worthless to him. She didn't want him to throw her away.

She would do just anything to please him.

Because to her, Hexarion was her everything.

And so she readied her strengthened vines, while Pheobe prepped her dagger.

Only one was going to live.

Shamac growled in his wild feline form as he rushed toward Gerund, who maintained his stance with his Gale Spear.

As he advanced closer, Gerund lifted his spear and spun it, causing a whirlwind around himself. Shamac halted abruptly, unable to get any closer due to the wall of wind which served as a boundary between them.

Not only that, but he noticed the floor around Gerund, where the whirlwind was spinning started getting cracked and damaged.