15 Chapter 15: third Hokage wanted Suzaku as tool man

Chapter 15: third Hokage wanted Suzaku as tool man

So nothing was found out about Suzaku.

On the other hand third Hokage was interested in genius like Suzaku because he did not have anyone from the Uchiha clan working for him.

He wanted to have someone from Uchiha clan to work for him.

He has prejudice that he got from his teacher second Hokage but he is a more practical person.

He is a cunning old fox that wanted to have extra strength than extra enemy.

At this time his thoughts did not reach the point of eliminating the Uchiha clan.

He was mainly thinking of eliminating the Senju clan that opposed him from taking the Hokage seat.

So he needs more power.

For power who would be better than Uchiha clan.

Conveniently he lacks a strong weapon under him right now.

Even though there is Sakumo Hatake under him in the Anbu,

He is too upright to do this kind of thing.

As for Danzo, he is a snake that is coveting the position of the Hokage all the time.

So trusting him is even hard.

Finally he has disciples but they each had their own problems.

He is even feeling threatened by Orochimaru during this time and feeling there are problems with his mentality.

So, third Hokage urgently need a strong weapon that works under him with great loyalty.

Under his investigation he found that Suzaku showed much talent in the ninja aptitude test but later he is slowly going down.

Third Hokage know the reason for this is lack of resources to improve.

Even with the great talent one needs resources to improve.

A genius doesn't mean that he can take out something out of nothing.

Suzaku is an orphan so it is natural to lack resources.

Third Hokage felt that he found the perfect candidate.

Naive, righteous, friendly, emotional, lacking resources and an orphan,

All of these things combined would be Suzaku's appearance right now.

This makes Suzaku the perfect candidate for manipulation.

So, third Hokage decided to test the waters around Suzaku.

He is a cunning old fox and would not jump straight into the plan.

He would investigate Suzaku more during this time and then make his approach.

A few days later he came to the ninja academy to speak about the will of fire nonsense.

Suzaku acted as if he was listening attentively.

On the other hand Hiashi is not paying much attention to this nonsense instead he was planning something different.

Most probably he wanted to instigate Fugaku using rumors of him and Mikoto or something like that.

During this time the academy started to teach the students on how to refine chakra.

Most people from the clans have already learnt it and they directly excelled.

This class is mainly for those ninja students from commoners.

During this time third Hokage came to lecture about will of fire frequently.

Also he started to ask the students about the will of fire.

One of the times he called on Suzaku to ask about his opinion of will of fire.

Suzaku answered is so well that third Hokage was extremely satisfied with the answer.

Other than that his investigation of Suzaku was also extremely good and a perfect candidate for his tool man.

So he decided to get close to Suzaku.

Well the things investigated by the third Hokage were closely followed by the Uchiha people.

They can see the traces so they immediately understood that third Hokage is interested in Suzaku and wanted to pull him towards his side.

They all know that Suzaku showed a good talent before and they are thinking of pulling Suzaku into their faction in the Uchiha clan.

The head of the clan that is the father of Suzaku was also informed about this matter.

So he panicked a little.

But he calmed down.

He doesn't mind sacrificing his illegitimate son to gain the peace from the village, he doesn't mind.

Also he can make Suzaku as a double agent between the Uchiha clan and the third Hokage.

Well father and son things very similarly.

The thoughts of the head of Uchiha clan are very similar to his son Fugaku using Itachi as double agent.

But they don't know that all their little calculations are under the control of Suzaku.

That day third Hokage called Suzaku after his will of fire speech.

Suzaku came into the office room of the head master following his class teacher.

Suzaku respectfully bowed to the third Hokage and greeted him.

Third Hokage immediate waved his hand and called Suzaku to come close to him just like a friendly neighborhood grandfather.

His acting is impeccable.

Suzaku did not show any flaws in his acting either.

The admiration towards third Hokage is literally flowing from his eyes.

Third Hokage can see that Suzaku was his true admirer and happily nodded his head.

After that third Hokage started to ask Suzaku on how he is doing and his views on the will of fire.

Well this will of fire concept was originally formed by Madara Uchiha.

His meaning is to say that he would protect Hashirama Senju the lover of Madara Uchiha saying that the fire protects the leaf.

But third Hokage on the other hand changed it into brainwashing tactics to gain the control of the future generation of the hidden leaf village.

Thinking for a moment Suzaku answered third Hokage his point of view about the will of fire.

"One has to make sacrifices for the village when needed, for the village to let the greater number of people in the village survive the disaster….."

With his answer and explanation third Hokage was really moved.

Well Suzaku also got this information through analysis.

It is very convenient to know so much information.

He was really grateful to his mistress in his past life and she helped him so much.

Unfortunately he did not take her seriously when her usage is over at that time.

Thinking of that he felt a little sad about her but this is just a fleeting thought.


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