337 Chapter 337: Shining, Shimmering, Splendid

"Did… you just pop the bubble!?"


Although it wasn't a guarantee that Paige's mind would calm down as soon as she took her pills– they've helped so far. But now, in the hour that her pills should be taking the most effective right now, she found her mind and her heart moving erratically in a way they never had before.

Her eyes which were already wide, now almost popped out as she violently stared at Paragon's face. Throughout her life, she had been trying to search for the meaning of her abilities– or even the meaning of her life itself. But now…

"You… e… even the butterfly was able to land on your finger."


"W… what?" Paige quickly took a few steps back away from Paragon; hitting her back on the rails of the terrace, "But… but that's impossible."

"..." Riley slightly squinted his eyes as he returned Paige's gaze. But after a few seconds of wondering why, he blinked,


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