309 Chapter 309: Darkday

"Why… Why am I still here?"

A thud whispered in the abandoned building as Diley dropped to the floor, his knees, giving up on their own as he kneeled on the ground; his hands, trembling as he stared at them.

"I… I can't feel the Boss. I… can't feel anyone," Diley removed the hood of his cloak; his eyes that were trembling almost uncontrollably, now seen by Ellie, "I… I can't feel anyone."

"..." Ellie could only stare as Diley's breaths entered her ears; loud enough to echo throughout the entire floor.

Diley's eyes started looking everywhere, almost as if searching for something that wasn't there as he continued to whisper to himself.

"Boss… where are you? Boss!" Diley started to stutter as he crawled on the ground. Ellie moved to the side as Diley started crawling towards her, only for him to trip and fall face-first on the floor.

Diley, however, did not get up; his breaths, blowing away the dust collected on the floor, "No… no…"


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