253 Chapter 253: Like Mother, Like Son

"Is the government selling out supers?"

And almost as if a storm suddenly stopped, everything in the observation deck went quiet. Even the men from the so-called superhero agencies stopped their bickering and discussion as they all turned their heads toward Tempo.

Even V, who was busy watching Riley, could not help but look at Tempo as she heard her words. They could almost hear a clock ticking and their hearts beating from the painful silence; all of them, waiting for secretary Jane to answer Tempo's question.

But thankfully, secretary Jane did not let the deadly silence last as she let out a short but very deep sigh.

"What made you think that?" Secretary Jane answered, "The supers are not owned by us, we are merely giving them a way to make their talents and activities legal. Supers are the future of the world– it is estimated that in a hundred years, there would be more supers than ordinary humans, we are just trying to ease our way into it."


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