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currently at ch 24. writing is excellent! the story flows nicely and the background setting is clear so far. mc is just loveable. i really like how she looked weak and had no power, simply accepting her fate on the outside when in fact, she's no pushover. it seems she has a plan, but there's no clue about it so far. ml is non existent right now haha. def a slow burn. but i see several ml candidates and each of them are def interesting and piqued my curiosity.


Well written story and paced extremely well. There are many mysteries that have yet to be uncovered and the novel gives out just the right amount of information to satiate your questions but leave alot hanging for you to guess and think about. Have not encountered a point where grammar/spelling was ever an issue and the story runs very smooth. Cant wait for future chapters!


First of all, thanks for the wonderful story you've given us author! I'm very grateful I discovered this and now I have another great story to look forward to. I love the MC. Her personality and attitude makes me want to cheer her on and hope alongside her that she can have a peaceful life. It draws me in to sympathize and somewhat relate to her I guess? idk how to explain lol (like bruh I ain't in ancient times haha) She has a passive attitude to anything and everyone (even when mistreated), so I really feel for her maids lol. (Can I send some bitch slap to her shit family? I think they deserve it. And of course some love and support for the MC!) Anyways I'm looking forward to seeing her life improve but I know she has to suffer first just reading the synopsis. (I'm worrying about a fictional character lol whats happening). If I'm feeling like that, it means the author did a great job portraying the MC for the readers to feel attached to her so there's that. World background I don't know much about (I don't really pay attention to those things so I don't have info on that, sorry haha). Also there's some grammar mistakes but its not that bothering compared to others here so I still give the writing quality a 5. Its just some occasional wrong use of words but you won't even notice it most of the time. (Honestly i mean who am I to judge lol look at these confusing paragraphs) I just binge read it in one day so there's really not much about other categories but even though its only a few chapters I'm already hooked in. (Great job author! Thanks for the hard work. I hope you continue this awesome story!) P.S. Jesus christ. Rereading this right now and... I'm sorry for anyone unfortunate reading this incomprehensible babble lol. (I just wanna give the author my review haha)


10 chapters were enough to lure me in. When I saw the genderbender tag with historical theme, I had FBFB flashbacks. However, it looks like WL is more passive and accepting of her surroundings as compared to your other protagoniats who always wished and struggled for freedom. Therefore, I am anticipating to the moment when she'd be forced to rebel, especially when the situations will change. By the way, Sora, is WXH reincarnated/transmigrated?


From the 10 chapters i had read to far, all i can say that this story is pretty interesting and the female lead is really different from the other characters you ever written. I can't wait for what will happen in the future and so far i don't like her family.


Never get tired for Sora's novel. The author's previous novels are awesome so surely this one will be awesome as well. Do give it a try and enjoooy!


Ok once again. Thanks author! This is another is Sora's books that I am definitely gonna read. Synopsis too intriguing especially with the sudden power change. You guys should definetely read Sora's other books. They certainly won't disappoint you 😉


I like this novel because it has a very unique storyline unlike most novel our dear protagonist isn't a lets go scheme and kill people or the one with a over the top tragic past. She is just a self developed talented genius who is there to survive. The story has a very down to earth plotine and description and humor. Just lives the part where its like people won't know who is the bride if I marry you ( Chapter 23 ). [img=update]


Wow the description sounds amazing, I was lured in by the MC line "if you want be to be a villian, fine. I'll be one then." or something aline the lines but anyways these have the typical cdrama tropes but the unique writing of the author is really captivating. The plot and storyline are interesting as is the set up. The characters seem realistic and relatable too. Looking forward to a good read.


Super book. Even if it's in the starting stage the story build up of the novel is too good. I so sooo love it. The character development is also good. The FL is naturally intelligent and very steady minded has lot of patience. I just love her character that she build up herself at a young age. Just totally super.