1 Intro

Under the tree behind the school, there sits a girl hidden from view, closely observing the scene unfold before her. Her name, Nephilim. She had short snow white hair, skin as white as snow, lips as dark as night and eyes the color of blood. Over all she as an albino with above average looks. But a body that can be as lustful as sin. Standing at 5 foot 3 she was a petite cute busty girl, except she had a black birthmark on her neck, in the image of a spider lily growing vines and leaves spreading along from her neck down to the upper middle chest. It somehow looked like it was tattooed on but the deep shade of violet-red marks make it clear it was a birth mark. But she didn't mind. She liked how it looked even.

"Hey are you done narrating while checking me out author-sama?"

Author: "not yet im still doing an intro the readers need to know how hot you look! (๑╹ω╹๑ )"

Anyway, Nephilim had a unique ability to break the 4th wall. Just like deadpool she always looks like talking to nobody whenever she wants to talk to the narrator. Anyway as our story goes her origin is not of this dimension. She is a type of entity created by the great Clementia, goddess of clemency, leniency, mercy, forgiveness, penance, redemption, absolution and salvation. Who took pity onto the villainess of different dimensions, world and books even, for having a pitiful sad overall unhappy ending. Goddess Clementia selects the villainess to receive help and sends her most trusted aids to help these villianess find their own happy ending. Such aids are called guardian angels, and nephilim is one of the top best.

"Is the intro done? Im getting bored! I still need to watch how these stupid protagonists win and watch the pitiful villainess fall."

Author:"... alright, alright, let the show begin!"ʅ(◞‿◟)ʃ

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